Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr


AirsickHydra just posted his assassin build yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=66CP4sqjVQc&t=107s


Another event starting Friday? Someone asked about the next patch and here is the reply from Megapull a couple of minutes ago:

We are working on patches constantly.

You can’t patch a game daily though because simply put, the coding work alone, the testing, gathering feedback, etc. takes more time than a day. As you can see in the News section, we are updating the game frequently.

The next update will most likely roll out with the start of the upcoming event (Friday).


I think they are working diligently to improve things, while simultaneously working on these events (really, the endgame content or foundation for it, absent at launch) and the console release next month.


Up to about level 15 the Psyker seemed OK but not that great. In the next few levels I’ve begun to see why people are all praising the class. Groups melt to Firestorm and Haemmorhage. Single targets die in seconds to the Molten Beam. I’ve still died a few times from getting careless, but the class is a lot more fun now. Looking forward to getting some relics and really being OP! :)


Hopefully the new event is a bit more fun and reasonable. The one last weekend felt like a full time job and has put me perilously close to burnt out on Martyr.


The next event is apparently a week long. I too hope they learned from last weekend’s debacle.


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part of me hopes this event sucks too since it’s the third event before console launch ;) don’t want to miss out on too much. ;)


Earlier in the thread I wondered about playing this in a second location. I just installed it on another PC and it picked up my saves automatically. It must be tying Neocore account to your Steam account. Just a FYI if anyone else is wondering.


That’s really good to know, thank you.


So happy I’m up to my arm pits in Unclean. Not even tempted by the Steam Summer Sale right now. The Emperor protects!


Rumor Alert! Console delayed again? No official confirmation of this yet.


I get the feeling the devs are pretty much overwhelmed at this point. I doubt they had any clue how stressful rolling out an ARPG of this magnitude (considering the license and all) would be, nor did they anticipate the cascading chain of problem/fix/new problem.

For instance, here’s a bug that is absolutely dire. The game forces you into conversations with bosses on some missions, taking control of your character and moving you right up to the bad guy. You cannot avoid this, in any way. Worse, when the “conversation” ends, you’re stuck right there in the mob’s face, not moved back to where the event triggered. Double worse, on the Psyker at least, all of your maintained or timed buffs that you might have up get wiped. Yes, wiped, including resetting the cooldown countdown so, say, if your ability has a 60 second cooldown, you now are stuck in melee range with a boss and have a full minute before your ability is available.


This is particularly awful for things like the protection from death maintained buff and the damage shield buffs. It’s also bad for digital weapons and other things as well. It’s just so unnecessary, and so much a middle finger in the face of the player. Not intentional, I’m sure, but it is a huge screw.

Another one that is egregious is the entire ill-conceived and misbegotten suppression system. Yes, it’s a cool idea. But, no, it does not work, at least, IMO. Why? Two reasons, which AirsickHydra has ranted about. One is that too often your abilities that work off of yellow or read suppression are useless, as most mobs are either trash that die fast and have no suppression bar anyhow, or have so much suppression that you kill them before they go low enough in suppression for your skills to matter.

The other is that, well, no matter what armor you have, or from what I can tell what build you have, the way mobs spawn and attack means that in many cases you are simply stun-locked, effectively. Four or more of the autogun firing regular mobs will strip your suppression with automatic fire so that you can’t activate your skills or do anything, and simply get burned down. They also tend to stand at range in a circle formation so that you can’t even AoE them well, usually. I’m not asking for invulnerability, but even on a supposedly beefy Crusader, a lot of times this horde of trash mobs will stun-lock me into oblivion.

Oh, and Optimal Dispersion? Which apparently is giving too much damage to AoE? Well, if they fix it, I suspect many, many of the builds in the game will be useless–and there aren’t many builds that actually work, given the problems listed above. Single-target fails on the hordes and suppression system. AoE relies on the unintended high damage it has right now. I’m not sure this game has any real balance.


I’m enjoying the game with over 65 hours in it so far, so I already have my moneys worth out of it. However, it does feel like Neocore is struggling to fix some pretty serious bugs and balance issues while instead spending time on textboxes and missing icons. Maybe it’s not the same programmers who would work on all that stuff, but it feels like they are “fiddling while Rome burns” here.

And I agree that getting sucked in close to bosses for a cutscene and losing your buffs should have been fixed before launch. I will sit and wait out timers if I think that is about to happen. Then when the conversation is over I hit my damage reduction skill, my inoculator, and try to run away.

Hopefully they can turn things around before the game gets too bad a rep and it just goes down the drain.


Yeah, I am liking the game a lot, and enjoy playing, but they really have zero post-campaign content and need to read up on how ARPGs handled end-game stuff. Itemization is dreadful, there is nearly no variety in gear, and there is nearly zero incentive to do anything after the story. D3 is all about the hunt for gear for particular builds. Neocore really needs to pay attention to how Blizzard does it I think.


So many bugs. :( Just failed a tarot mission because there were 2 supply charges right at the front of an AA battery so I could not disable the battery. Every time I hit F to disable it my character turned to face the charges instead. No use for them on my Psyker build so I could not pick them up or destroy them. Tried everything but it would not let me finish the mission. Disappointing.


Sigh, I have to admit this one is…losing its luster for me. I might need a break. I just reached a level in the story where you drive a tank, which is BONKERS with keyboard and mouse, so I did some event missions, which were okay but meh. Feel like I’m spinning my wheels on that one, and kind of in general. Might be time for a break while they figure stuff out. Love 'em for trying so hard, but they need to work on bugs and balance before any more events.


I took a break due to bugs and fighting text descriptions that are wrong or guessing if abilities are actually doing what they say they do. Maybe by the time the console version finally emerges we’ll have a game ready for release. :( Pretty bummed since I was super stoked for this one and it IS a lot of fun when things are working as they should.


Exactly! When you’re in the zone, it’s great. But the more I play, and as these events are rolled out, I’m just in the zone less and less.


The combat moment to moment is often quite good, and some weapons are really satisfying (melta, grav gun for instance). The story itself is ok, though extremely derivative of some of the novels in the W40K universe. Where the game has real issues is in the guts of what an ARPG needs to be–itemization, leveling, ongoing challenge.

My Psyker is 32 I think. After the campaign, I got one small set of story-ish missions, sort of a variation on the priority missions but with that inquisitor lady in the Puritan hat yakking at me, but other than that, all there is to do are Tarot missions, priorities, and randoms. The Tarot missions are ok, and the rewards are decent, but it’s 100 fate a pop, which will ultimately hamstring people perhaps. The rest of the stuff is dreck–few rewards, few challenges beyond bugs and some spawns that are insta-gibs for you, and dreadful, dreadful experience gains.

Worse, itemization is abysmal. I’m not even 40 yet, where I understand the item cap is, but it seems the item well has run dry in terms of interesting stuff. All I end up doing is quickly scanning the appropriate gear for green +s to see if it’s worth even considering. The game desperately needs D3’s equivalent of unique items, set gear, and variety of names and affixes. You get, what, Thule, Scythe, Mars, maybe one or two more, and…well, that’s it. Blech. And the whole Signum system blows–four of these suckers, two per weapon set, and you can’t swap weapon sets in the store. More, the game is never totally clear about how stats work. I assume that stats on Signums or weapons only apply when that weapon set is equipped, but I have no idea if that is actually true.

Weapon balance is also horrible. Some weapons I’ve tried just because I want to check,them out, but really there is little sense in using many of them. Some are just flatly so much better than everything else. And the relationships between power level, damage/defense values, +/- values to various things, and the mission level seems totally opaque, and not in a good way. It’s a mess.

That said, I still like it. I have an Assassin and a Crusader in the early 20s, and I do find that some story missions are harder than others depending on the class. The vehicles are terrible, for control reasons, but luckily I haven’t failed any of them (only two that I know of in the story anyhow). The defend the putz missions are not fun, but with a bit of luck you can do those (+50% damage consumables help). I just love the combat much of the time, though, even if the environments have already gotten totally stale and redundant.

Neocore needs to seriously internalize the things that make ARPGs attractive, like variety (items, areas, builds), clear and enticing progression paths, customization, and polish. Right now it still feels like early access, I have to say.