Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr

As a Psyker, I’ve found some of the perks to be really impactful. But the passives, gear, etc? Pretty meh to me. I’m wondering if this changes at L50+ when they’ve added sockets, psalm codes, etc. I’m not holding my breath, though.

Some of the mistakes feel amateurish as well and I’m surprised they’re still there a year after release. Take the Psyker for example, you get modifications you can apply to your “spells”. There’s one that adds a healing effect to buff abilities, and one that adds suppression regen to buff abilities. They’re both just a flat +10HP/Suppression a second. In a genre built around stat inflation as you progress through the game or when they add new levels, how did anyone thing this was a good idea? +10HP/second means something very different if you have 1,000 HP vs 5,000 HP. And from what I understand, they just bumped the level cap all the way to 100 with the 2.0 update. I’m sure those continue to get more and more trash as you progress (they already are for me at L20, despite using them early on). Stuff like this works much better if it’s just a percentage of your health: heal 0.5% health per second instead of +10 health per second, that sort of thing. The fact that A) it was originally implemented like this and B) it hasn’t been changed in over a year of working on the game… just doesn’t inspire confidence when I’m already feeling much of the character customization is meh.

still waiting for the patch for consoles for both this and Chaosbane. Why does Warhammer have to be so hard for me to enjoy. lol

Probably because most Warhammer games just aren’t that great. :)

2.0 patch on PC really makes this game feel great.

I am tempted to get some of the dlc. D:

I’ve bought all the content DLC, but none of the cosmetic DLC.

You know you want to! I prefer the look of the flaming I on the ground over the corrosive feet. :)

Except Space Marine, that game kicks all kind of ass. Now I want to load it up so I can jet pack high into the air and slam my hammer down on some group of stupid orks. Awwwww yiss.

Page is up for the standalone :

I just picked up this game yesterday on the Steam Sale. I only just started the game, but I’m far along enough to know that the music is great.

Thanks for reminding me I need to buy this:

Damn, soundtrack is over 3 hours in length, not bad for $10.

Okay, another performance tip. I have no idea if this is just me, but I’ve replicated this sort of thing across two different PCs at home. The first thing I mentioned earlier was trying the sync GPU/CPU option if the game just feels a little off or jittery, which really helped.

The second thing? This was absolutely nuts, but the game performed substantially better when I switched off of KB/M to gamepad. I’m not talking a bump of 5 FPS or something like that, I’m talking it almost felt like a new game (or at least a substantially more optimized/polished one). It’s not about the control scheme feeling better or anything, it’s how the game is rendering/performing. I know that sounds bonkers, but I had a friend I was playing with over at my place when I made the switch and had to have him check it out to make sure I wasn’t crazy, but it was visually obvious for him as well. He had been using the gamepad from the start and never had the same complaints I did about the game just feeling rough/unpolished, and now maybe I understand why.

I’m completely baffled why the control scheme switch would have such a big impact. I’m wondering if the pathfinding with click-to-move on the mouse is just horrifically inefficient or something else entirely going on? All I know is the game feels significantly more polished/smooth once I grabbed the gamepad. Never seen anything like that before, but thought I would throw that out there even if it does make me sound like a loon. ;) If the game feels chunky or like it’s not moving smoothly or anything else like that, it might be worth giving it a shot.

Any other recommended DLC besides the footprints? Looks like all (17 dlc items) of it is pretty light.

A lot of them are just additional story missions, when on the deck of your battle cruiser there is a NPC that has all the DLC only missions listed.

I want them but am going to wait for 75% off. :P

DLC can also be earned via FATE points. See this thread:

I was thinking that, but then with the new stand-alone coming, is there any point? Assuming you get the new one. I can’t decide if I should or not.

New missions are just more of the stuff that is already fun. So why not?

I will get the expansion, but probably wait for a ton of patches to hit that before touching it.

Thanks @lordkosc, especially for the thread link. Think I’ll stick with footsteps for now. I want to play a bit before I decide to further invest.

My Psyker is still fun, though I have totally forgotten what I was doing with his build. Warp Rod AoE focus.

That’s mine, too. I am not sure I like it now, though, as I’m sort of bored with the mechanics. Activate three timed buffs, refreshing every 30 seconds, and keep the inferno aura thing up all the time. Run around spamming left mouse button and the 1 key. Yay.

The itemization in the game is still uninspiring. Once you have some decent purple or gold gear, the chances of finding anything significantly better seems low, and it becomes a long slog of extremely incremental upgrades of exactly the same things because your build is entirely gear dependent. There is very little incentive, it seems, to experiment with builds, as I have yet to find, say, a piece of gear or a weapon that makes me say “wow, I should try this spec!” And, of course, even though I have a lot of the mind reset tokens, having to have one token per ability category gets old too. Dialbo III style free respeccing, or Grim Dawn’s really detailed and meaty skill trees, or PoE’s Byzantine but fascinating system are all much more flexible and interesting to me.

I read that there are two worth buying because they are very easy to from for fate points, which you can then use to buy the other DLC (you can use fate to buy DLC if you didn’t know that). Plus these two DLC also provide fat loot drops. The two DLC are “Maelstrom of Carnage” and “City of Suffering”.