Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr

I mean it’s the same folks who did Van Helsing, which I’m still playing through and really enjoying.

Worth noting this is out in early access.

Early Access eh? So what is missing?

Save button.

Apparently the main single player and online persistent campaigns, as well as several of the 50ish mission types that are slated, but those will apparently come during the EA period.

Looks kind of odd. The attack animations are a bit slower and softer than I’d like, but it also looks like a chunky 90s game instead of some colorful World of Warcraft thing.

ARPG right.

The standard bearer here is Grimd Dawn if I’m not mistaken. Any thoughts on how the 2 compare.

The reward pack you get for finishing a mission kinda reminds me of opening a Hearthstone pack. I’m guessing they are random items because you can’t access your inventory in mission.

My turret skill was replaced by a rocket jump somehow. I think because I changed my armor. Need to read things before I upgrade I guess.

Is this fun?

I bought IM yesterday, I really enjoyed Van Helsing, buying 2 then the Final Cut, and it remains on my HD so I had good faith in the devs…

Ive looked round the ship, I can see what looks like some fairly involved crafting and tarot to play with. I did a single mission with a melee crusader and did think that it was a bit of a grind and and overly large first level and that I will want to play it with ranged over the weekend as melee was a bit clunky. It seemed the right level of grimdark and gory and suitably grimy and faded.

Here’s their upcoming Roadmap

Taken from here


Looks cool! …so I’ll wait 'til it’s actually final. Don’t want to ruin my impressions on the 1/2 baked release.

Oh wait I forgot this was getting a console release. Maybe I should wait for that.

Neocore has always delivered thematically impressive and interesting games. While the gameplay may not be to ones liking, they have been consistently good at making their games, which is a feat in itself.
I’ve tried the alpha some time back, and it was clear that it was very early, but there was already a ton of interesting systems.
My biggest concern, which is probably just because I was trying it out so early, was the bland gamemaps.

Anyways - Im really looking forward to the final product, but I’m holding off as well until then (I hope!)

Hmm….RPS has mixed feelings.

Man that first paragraph!

It’s hard to imagine a game clunkier than Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr [official site]. Even the name is a lumpen boulder. (We’ll call it “Martyr” for our sanity’s sake.) This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad game – there’s probably something decent enough behind it all – just the clunkiest festival of clunk since Professor David Clunkington invented his Clunkatron 3000.

As always, it pays off to notice who is the author - In this case, its John Walker, who distinguishes little between a final product and an early access game, because “they take money for it”.

The game IS clunky right now, and there are a lot of systems that seems off, but thats why they call it early access, and not a final product.

So - While he is technically correct in most things, take the review with a grain of salt.

To be honest that is a good enough reason for a full or critical review for me.

Well, thats your perogative - just be aware that this isn’t the product that its meant to be.

I can’t believe I’m defending John Walker … grits teeth … but he does say:

Martyr is still in alpha and a good way from finished, so assume everything I have to say about it is constructive criticism for developers