Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr

In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium there are no dicks and nuts.

In the future, there is only John_Many_Jars’ junk.

And The Great One does not disappoint!

So thanks to the ongoing event, the season and plenty of XP boosters, I’ve gotten my first toon ever to level 70 today and also finished the Prophecy campaign for the first time ever. Very fun ride, and I love that they left it at a place where they could totally do more with it, or not.

I dunno how good that new upcoming class will be, but it’ll take a lot to overcome the sheer joy I’m having with a shotgun assassin.

There is a new one coming? I still need to give the mechanicus guy a real go.

Yup, not sure when but hopefully not too far off.

I took a peek at the Steam discussion board and the words being passed around there is “when it is ready” , “aiming for summer” so the guesses are (late) Q2/Q3.

Makes sense, I wonder if they wanna let the current season run out first.

I picked this up after seeing that it was deeply on sale and @BrianRubin was positively comparing it to something else in another thread. Going to install it this afternoon, I find that it’s… 78GB?!? I don’t have that much free space!


It’s well worth it though, if you can free up the space.

New season is starting imminently, though so you may want to hold off until then.

Well roughly two weeks, but that could be enough time to find enough space to install it. ;)

I’ve been wanting to play this again since december when the season was supposed to end. then it just keeps getting pushed back and we still have no date for next season on console. pretty frustrating. Might just play a non-season character I guess, but they have designed these games in a way that makes that feel like a waste.

Nah it’s not a waste, I have fun on and off-season. Just see off-season as a way to practice and figure out which builds you like.

I am totally waiting for the new class before starting again!

Oh me too! I actually quite enjoy this as my off-PoE/Genshin game.

Do we have a console playing cabal? I’ve been a big fan of the game since release and what with the announcement of nextgen console updates (PS5 mainly), would be nice to stump some points into a worthy cabal.

I’ve sadly no clue. Maybe you should start one!

I’ve been playing on Xbox recently, stopped.once I got to Endgame to wait for the new season