Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr

Thanks for these - I’ll need to go through these. He seems to be so much better than my character!

Oh he’s a freaking expert at the game.

I confess, I’ve gone flame crusader just cause it fits my aesthetic better, but I will return to smite the unworthy with many tiny bits of metal flagellation in the near future.

However you bring death to the forces of chaos, brother.

Those videos are unwatchable, for me at least. His accent is part of the problem, but he takes a very odd approach to teaching about the class. First, he doesn’t choose the sub-class of Assassin that actually gets a shotgun, but instead chooses the sniper sub-class and futzes around futilely trying to find a shotgun for five minutes. Then his explanation of how to distribute points is useless, as his character has so many heroic bonuses and other stuff that it might as well be from another game. On top of that, he speed-mumbles through any discussion there might be of what trees to invest in and how. His combat demonstration amounts to hold down the buttons and move. Well, yeah, even I figured that out.

he picks sniper because the perk the sniper starts with is arguably better for shotgun than the other two, and you can’t unlock starting perks ever if you pick a different subclass. (it looks like a big patch a year ago MAY have changed this, but it seems that was only for tech adept) It’s a big damage buff as long as you keep moving so shoot-move-repeat which is pretty much shotgun style.

But that’s not clear and I agree with all the point he is saying, he’s buying all these crates with what, then I realise he all this stuff from other builds to spend so at level 20 he is really well kitted out.

I did watch them an dit has given me some idea but was not at all clear

Yeah to his credit he responded promptly to my comment on YouTube, and it’s exactly as @Harkonis says. But that is nowhere explained in the video itself.

I appreciate this guy’s expertise and advice, but as a communicator, not so much.

Oh FFS the new season is PC only. That sucks.

I’m sure it’ll come to console eventually. Soon I hope.

(my crusader burner laughs in PC)

Yeah I started my new seasonal character after watching his first video and hooooboy does she slay.

For seasonal, do folks just go through the story missions? I guess you have to to get crafting and all? I kind of like how D3 does it with Adventure mode, where you can do everything and not have to do story missions. Or can you, say, rescue the tech priest by just jumping to that mission?

For seasonal you have to go through the story again. Well you don’t HAVE to you could just do side missions but to unlock certain things you need to progress the story. Sadly it’s not really skippable.

I honestly love the story so I never seem to mind replaying it. You can skip past all the dialogue really easily if you want and just jump to the good stuff.

Just started using the controller for this and it feels so much better than trying to reach for keys.

What kind of maniac DOESN’T use a controller for games?!!?! I’m honestly baffled its legal still!

Some games just have so many buttons that you can’t use a controller!

Also first-person shooters and city sim games really suck with a controller.

I never use a controller.

I am baffled! BAFFLED I SAY!

I love it, but then again, I am a gaming in the living room where my GF is, in a recliner I guess its called, so games where a controller can be used, are the ones I can easily play. When implemented correctly (Diablo 3), its also much better to control certain types of games with it.

I have been trying to become more adept with a controller, with Elden Ring being my gateway drug as it were to learning my Xbox Elite 2 better. I should try things like ARPGs as well, as my carpal tunnel is hammered by games like Inquisitor or Diablo. I play in my basement office though; we have one TV, and our living room is set up so that it is about as awkward for playing games as it could possibly be.