Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr

Yeah I just learned the entire Inquisitor team is maybe five people, so this doesn’t surprise me. Sorry.

Also do you have a link to this?

Not a direct one. It was from a post on Reddit by someone quoting a “Marco” on the official forums I think.

Got it thank you.

I picked this up a few weeks ago. It’s great! I am having a blast with my Psyker, running a full warp-heat, Unhinged Bio-Lightning build. I teleport around and fry stuff like a young Palpatine on meth. It is sublime. Currently at level 98.

Dammmnnn I’ve never gotten to that high a level! Well done!

The two weeks of 100% XP and the pile of Meme Virus’s they dropped on everyone last week help ;)

I feel this game is clunky-adorable - I of course love the ridiculous extreme-ness of 40K so the setting was a winner, but somehow the game felt a bit clunky so I even returned it on Steam. But somehow I just couldn’t get it out of my head, so I’ve been back again, and every time I boot it up it gets better. And then I found a succession of increasingly awesome weapons and realised maybe the issue was that I was trying too hard to work chainsword-pistol, what I needed was relaxing ranged shooting. Grenade Launcher, Flamer, Melta, Multi-Melta and then I put on a Heavy Bolter and realised - what I really wanted was more DAKKKA. I don’t think it’s a particularly special one (also, Green > Blue?! Somehow I feel that the convention is the other way around?) but the sound and the volume of fire is just what I was looking for.

I’m pretty sure if they had opened with that weapon, I would have been sold right off the bat.

Yes my enjoyment of this game is 100 percent weapon feedback based.

Yay glad you stuck with it!

I have to say that your enthusiastic posts kept it on my radar!

Yeah, I’m a huge fan of the weapon designs now. Might be just my experience but when I started paying more attention to the details of the weapon skills I started getting a lot more out of them - you get huge rewards for properly matching the right skill for the job, and there’s not quite intuitive nuances to them. And a lot of the skills are exactly what I want - just trying the shotgun today and wow, I want a rapid fire shotgun mode - that’s skill 2! I need a single target huge damage - that’s skill 4! And for a while I was wondering why you would ever use the heavy bolter’s weak explosion skill 4 until I read it more carefully and whoops that thing is a channeled skill so it’s actually rapid fire explosions if you hold it down!

I love the manstopper round so much. I’ve tried all the builds and my god the Assassin Shotty is so my jam.