Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr

This DLC is bug city though. Started a Sister and on mission 5 of the story campaign it won’t finish properly. Done it twice now and I keep getting levels and loot but the mission won’t terminate properly at the end. It teleports me up, but then still gives me the Quit button…and I’m invisible. I can move and you can hear the sound effects of weapons, and the guardsmen follow me (and Thorn, though he’s pretty much squashed like a bug) keeps talking as if he was prior to the end fight. Quite a mess.

And I’m not sure if it’s my set up or not the visuals look a little blurry at times. Not sure what is up, as the last time I played it my rig was less capable than it is now. Other than those things, yes, the flame girl rocks.

That’s not the game code though, it’s the lag on the servers from the masses of people trying to play tonight. It’s painful, but likely temporary.

Is the vendor stuff always such crap? Most of her items are level 1. Am I forgetting some mechanic to raise her gear or do I need to progress the campaign or something. I am level 28 on a fairly new character that I have been doing random missions with a friend, and her stuff is terrible junk. I don’t expect it to be great, but its not even worth looking at for the rare good find.

Also, leveling seems to be going REALLY fast. Maybe it is a bug, but I was gaining 1 to 3 levels a quick random mission tonight.

The captain has decent stuff for early levels but you’ll quickly out level her gear. Go to the Sacred Vault (it’s under special missions in the mission list) and do some missions for that guy to open up a far better shop that’ll take you through the 50s.

Could well be, yeah. Come to think of it, my wife was having the same issue without the DLC a few days ago too. I hope it clears up because the game is fun.

Until you are pretty far along leveling is brisk, yes. Which is why spending a lot on anything is dumb until gear level cap or thereabouts.

Gotta agree – I played the bolter & chainsword version and she was fine, but the Celestian is just pure joy. Burn the heretics until your weapons overheat!


Heat weapons in this game are my favorite across the board. The melta gun and mega melta in particular.

Are the starting class options just starting weapons or does it translate to more long term?

Each one also has a different perk, but you can swap them out later.

Hail to the Sister Celestian, so satisfying and gibalicious!!


Does money scale too? I used to think like this, until I realised that often in these games spending pennies you find early was a huge saving in levelling time, and those pennies where irrelevant at high level anyway.

There’s merit in that too. When I say it’s dumb to spend I really mean it’s dumb to save up a ton of money for something that will be obsolete in two hours. I always buy mundane stuff or stuff that costs as much as I can easily make back in a few hours. It’s just not worth going through hoops or anything I think.

Money does scale up quite a bit IIRC though.

I usually just buy blueprints, and make my own gear.

Its fun to think of, that the Techpriest just uses a 3D printer to make the gear :-D

I am enjoying the Battle Sister quite a bit. I feel like she has more to do or choose from as I play over most of Martyr’s other classes. It keeps the bolter pron / 40k elements of the Crusader while mixing faith spells with a third tier of faith spells tied to transformation. It’s a solid class for sure.

I also tried out using controller last night. I really enjoyed it for the action bits. The force feedback for shooting was very neat and the limited skills went well with controller buttons. However, I found myself really missing mouse over tooltips and inventory management was a serious pain. I think I’ll stick with traditional m/kb and see if I can just tweak bindings a bit. I’ll miss the shooting feedback though.

Yeah the transformation mechanic is really fun. It’s like they took the modularity of the Tech Adept class and added it here as well. Very fun so far.

Can you use both? Action away with controlled, then swap to mouse for fiddly inventor when needed?

You can’t swap for action/inventory in any sort of practical way. For whatever reason Martyr requires you to fully back out to the main menu before you can toggle controller or m/kb controls. Most games just change as soon as you use whichever input.

I’ll say again how cool the Battle Sister is. It’s like warrior, mage, and and shapeshifter all in one class. It seems to mechanically borrow and learn from all the other classes. If someone is considering a play through of Martyr, I’d say the class is worth a pick up.

Yeah, I do like the new class. Very nice mix of abilities, gear, and play style. Neocore does learn as they go for sure.