Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr

All right, I’m a little confused. At a certain point I put to be able to transform into my “saint” form, right? How do I do that?

I now it’s after the light-meter fills up. She says something like “I’m ready for my test of faith”. But then what?

It’s the X button. I had to look it up too, as it was in the tutorials but I somehow missed it.

I missed it too. The tutorial I think either blitzes past it or I wasn’t paying attention (I often skim through tutorials). It’s pretty bad-ass though when you do transform.

Ohhhh I like my new pyromaniac battle nun.

So fun.

I never knew until now that purging with holy (flamer) fire was just what I needed for the weekend.

I mean, are any of the other weapons coming close to the joy of setting everyone and everything on fire as an Adeptes Sororitas?

Assassin Shotgun. My favorite but the flame bolt gun is coming up a very close second. So glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

I’ve got my order reversed but probably because while I feel the assassin shotgun was hilariously efficient in terms of motion and damage, the face melting seems more canon for Warhammer 40k!

Hah, fair.

Flame Weapons: Giving Them Death Most Generously Since 39421.

Okay that pulled a LOL out of me. :)

Nerd voice: I’m pretty sure flamers were in use well before the Horus Heresy, so I think your date is not, as Bruce might say, historically accurate.

Probably. I know very little about the actual WH40K universe beyond the few cheesy novels I’ve read and thee games I’ve played.

I stumbled into a local game store looking for who knows what back in my college years long ago. That started the journey that began with a “sure I will get this starter set so I can have TWO ARMIES” (aka just two dinky squads and a speeder, but I didn’t know I was getting the first hit for “free”). I then progressed through several physical and digital games, and that then had me reading a few too many novels of questionable quality. It has been a rabbit hole. I do think the world is fun, the physical games are terribly designed except to sell models, and the video games are anywhere from junk to awesome.

You might have had the better end of the deal.

One set: flame pistol plus brazier
Other set; fkame pistol and rod

Skills set to heat, AoE and moar DoTs now

The Xenos, Heretics, and other assorted filth crap their pants. I BBQd my way through a void crusade last night with my Flammenwurfer Gestapo Karen with nary a speed bump.

The Emperor likes his extra crispy

Yeah this new class is literal fire.

You guys are making this game seem fun. Maybe i should give it a shot again now that I’m taking a break from Grim Dawn, to see if it sticks this time.

It’s a different experience from GD for sure. Grim Dawn’s “levels” are really portions of a wider, connected world, and it feels more, I dunno, organic in many ways. Martyr’s levels are just that, indoor or outdoor spaces that are tightly bound with either linear paths or relatively featureless open expanses punctuated by obstacles/cover. There’s no real exploration per se. Martyr is purely focused on combat, and managing skills and gear within tight arenas against a modestly diverse array of enemies. Much of the appeal for me is the way combat feels, the way it captures the over the top destruction you would expect a pissed-off Inquisitor to dish out.

You do get some of the annoying inventory hassle from GD, minus the cool mods to deal with it, and the skill trees in Martyr are kind of bland. The subject matter and crunchy combat is what makes it cool for me. Overall I think GD is a deeper game by far, but combat is overall better IMO in Martyr.

The new season has begun! Welcome to season six, the Season of Escalation! Two big new things in this season are the option to skip the campaign entirely and favoriting items in your inventory so they can’t be sold accidentally. This includes all the usual new fun seasonal stuff like escalating enchantments! Read more here!


Oh, wow, that really makes me want to jump in and try the new class. I was dreading having to go through the campaign yet again.

The new class is terrific. Have at!