Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr

Puritan or Radical for a flame sister?


Dunno yet, haven’t gotten that far, but I typically go radical to get demonforged weapons with my assassins.

So, supply crates don’t do anything for Battle Sisters? Or is it equipment dependent?

Yeah it’s weird so far I’ve not had a build that uses typical supplies. Not sure if that happens with different gear. I’ve pretty much stuck with the hand flamer.

There are a couple of the banners that use “supply”.

I too see no need or reason to move away from my hand-flamer/brazier comb. Maybe someday I’ll encounter a run with excessive flame resistance, but until then the heretics will all BURN.

My god, the Sister’s hand flamer and rod might be my new favorite weapon now that I’m learning how to use it. Rather than direct fire, you aim it at a group in general and let the splash damage do the rest. So joyous to watch.

And yeah the banners use supply, and they’re wonderful when used properly, which took a bit of learning on my part as well.

Ok, I confess, I have no clue how to use banners. Are they items? Slots? What?

OMG a friend told me to put the hand flamer and brazier into set 2 and it’s LOVELY. Flamer and rod does the long-range splash damage, and if anything gets through to get closer, the brazier brings the more direct fire damage. IT’S DELIGHTFUL.

They’re basically belt items that plant down a flag that does an area of affect, such as healing or extra damage.

Ah, ok, I guess I have not used them yet then.

I’m finding them VERY useful, especially in big fights or boss fights.

I’m playing this M+K and without sound while on holiday. It’s remarkable how much more I’m dying. I’ve failed multiple missions, which almost never happens normally (though I’m sure part of that is doing later game stuff like tarot cards while having early game gear).

Huh, do you think it’s the mouse/keyboard combo, or lack of sound?

I’m losing resistance to just firing up my pc copy instead of waiting on the console to finally go to the new season. sucks that I have all the dlc and cosmetics on console though. No way I’m double buying sisters either.

Both. I’m certainly not getting some audio cues that would help, but also having move and shoot on the same button isn’t helping, nor having the innoculator right the other side of the keyboard from the rest of my hotkeys. Could rebind, I suppose.

Also, fuck reflect damage harbingers.

You discovered the Battle Sister win button. Now buff up heat, DoT, and AoE skills and perks.

There’s pretty much no reason to equp anything else but that combo.

Yeah I’m sorry I wish they had a bigger team so that console stuff would be more timely.

Yeah that would likely be a good idea.

Exactly what I’ve been doing. Now I’m doing movement to help with cooldowns.

Tend to agree.

I’m still wishing they allowed other elements to have as much support as Heat. On my assassin it felt like nothing could compete with buffing Heat damage and using Heat weapons since there are more passives that directly and massively boost Heat than anything else.

OH sir have you tried the assassin with the shotgun? It is a pure delight.