Warhammer 40K is getting a new edition. It's time to join up!

Well, it’s finally happening. The inpenetrable flagship of Games Workshop is being paired down. What does this mean for you? Well, if you’re interested in taking the plunge, there’s no better time. 40k is vibrant and huge. If you’re more into fantasy, the time to enter Sigmar is also here. New rules, new factions and TREMENDOUS models.
If you have any questions for this Ol’ Warhammer Nob, ask away. I’m finishing up an essay on Warhammer that will soon be making its way to the site as well.

Dude, this just makes me smile. So happy to have you around and looking forward to your piece on the site. Keep on keepin’ on!

Me too! I am thinking about how I can help other gamers and others with depression. I’ve learned a lot through this whole thing. I’ve struggled for a year and only just now come out the other side.

I take it you mean being made simpler?

The biggest barrier to entry for me has always been both the time and expense. The miniatures ain’t cheap and the time to paint them seems steep. If there was an approach like Wizkids where I could get color plastic minis, I might look into it.

The rules are being simplified. Some of the cost is being reduced too. Painting will still be a barrier. I will be producing some videos on how to get to a tabletop standard quickly and efficiently. As far as the model cost, it is high, but the minis are fully customizable and last a lifetime. You buy an army once and it’s always there.

Painting isn’t a barrier, it’s why you get up in the morning. :)

As to the cost thing, I think minis aren’t that expensive compared to other hobbies. In fact the only hobby I can think of that I’ve ever had that was cheaper is skateboarding.

I’m pretty excited for 8th edition as well. :)

Indeed. If I don’t paint 2-3 hours a day, I get antsy

I’m a big fan of the WH40K property (regular old Warhammer, not so much. Just not a fantasy guy) but I’m more into the books and video games. I love that these massive miniatures games exist and that people pour so much time and effort into collecting and painting them, but it’s just not my thing.

So yeah, love to read more about new editions and live a little vicariously by those of you who are deep into it. I’m a geek’s geek.

Dude, I’m just glad to hear things are looking up for you. 👍

Likewise, I’ve discovered painting to be a great, and necessary, stress reliever for me. Somehow focusing so much concentration on something so small gives my poor overstressed brain the break it needs. I’m glad I discovered it since I really needed better stress relief rituals.

Oh! A new kind of space marine.

It took them 10,000 years to create marines that had 1 additional attack and 1 additional wound.

As a casual fan of 40K I can’t really notice any differences with the new Space Marine or the armor.

They are “properly scaled”. The minis are considerably bigger. An Imperial Guardsman comes about chest-high.

Also, more expensive!

Thanks for the photo @Ryan_Kelly like @AntediluvianArk I wasn’t seeing much difference.

So how big is a Primarch compared to a Primaris Space Marine?

I can’t find any pics of Guilliman alongside primaris marines, but here’s one of him in front of old marines.


Wow. Looks like he’s about twice as tall as a regular Space Marine. So maybe 15’! Thanks for the pic.

Jaded warmachine player here. I’ve been bitten by the Age ofSigmar/40k 8th Edition bug. It appears that Games Workshop has really pivoted from being a close minded company to something much more accessible and invested in the community. I totally dig the idea of free and easy rules for Age of Sigmar (although I haven’t played a game of it yet). And 40k seems to be heading in that direction as well.

My son is reading Gaunts Ghosts and we purchased an Imperial guard squad and a chimera, so we’ll see how he takes to the hobby. I think I’ll pick up some Sigmar guys and give the new skirmish rules a try.