Warhammer: Age of Reckoning - any news?

Mythics’ are built upon experience and not douchebaggery.

Does Mark Jacobs steal prescription drugs from the employees as well?

Some of the newsletters had pretty good PvP info:

Keeps and Sieges
Renown System

Vigil is doing 40K. So you got your wish.


MMOs in general are hyped to soon. If a developer is planning to release in 2.5 to 3 years, you start to see the boards go up and regular news in the second year at the latest. Then the product inevitably gets delayed 6 months or more, and you have a rabid fanbase who have worked themselves into a frenzy for 2-3 years for the game and it’s still now out and they see all the other games that have come out. At that point it becomes very hard to live up to their expectations.

I recommend to companies not to talk openly about the MMO they’re developing until 9 months before planned launch. They never listen, but that’s what I recommend.


Unless the game is particularly sucky, it should easily pass EQ2 and LotRO.


You really think so? To me it seems like LotRO has a much stronger license, is a pretty good game (I didn’t like it, but it’s certainly not a bad game,) and yet it still didn’t do gangbusters. I don’t understand why WAR would necessarily do better, even if it isn’t super sucky.

Among gamers, WAR is a pretty strong license. It’s also very highly anticipated by WoW players. DAoC lost most of it’s subscribers to WoW; they’ll be willing to give Mythic another chance.


That’s a big project for a relatively unknown company. Who are they?

I think it will pass LOTRO too, and I’m one who thinks Warhammer won’t do well. Their plan is to get at least 800k to 1M for US+EU. Imho, they won’t get that, but if the game is “ok” they should get at least 300 to 400k.

Disappointing for EA. Then WoW releases the expansion and the fight starts there. If Warhammer loses the momentum it will never grow.

Yeah, there’s some stuff, true. But until I can see how it all works–what sort of variety there is, from world-style (even if in “frontiers” type zones) to instanced–it’ll still be rather nebulous to me. So much is hanging on the details. Thanks for the links though; I had read the siege stuff but had forgotten about the renown one.

They still have the courage to say “it’s not DAoC”?

The renown system is a carbon copy of DAoC’s ranks. The Keeps a reskin.

I still think one of the mistakes made with LOTRO is that they released too close to the Burning Crusade launch. That’s something I would be looking to avoid if I were EA. I could easily see the WOTLK launch overshadowing WAR.

Not so much, any more, no. They said that before the recent revamp to make RvR exactly like DAoC.

Yeah, the walls in that article look just like the DAoC mile walls. I guess they’re sticking with what works. Of course, you could get AoE’d through DAoC’s walls, so I guess it didn’t really work all that well. Once again, I really hope they learned from past mistakes. Especially, if they are reusing old ideas.

The same if they launch soon. WoW launches the expansion, people go back exactly when the novelty of Warhammer wears off.

Whoever launches later has a mild advantage. WoW suffers because after two months people see there’s nothing new. Warhammer… well, pretty much the same ;)

I bet people start complaining about LOS problems the minute the keeps enter the beta.

They eventually did change that, so that AOE effects required LOS to work.

They’re owned by THQ and they’re an Austin studio started by comic book writer Jose Madureira and David Adams. Mark Downie who was a designer on WoW and lead designer on The Matrix Online is the lead (I think) on WAR40K. They’re hiring tons of people; I see their announcements on Gamasutra Jobs all the time. On the downside, Kelly Flock is involved, so…


There’s nothing Turbine could do about that. A) it was delayed forever anyway, and it had to be shipped at some point to appease the investors, not to mention the bankers. With no income from AC or DDO, they needed to ship. B) I seem to recall BC’s date was adjusted to coincide after LOTRO’s date was announced, though that possibly was just a coincidence, considering how inconsequential LOTRO turned out to be to WoW.

Yeah, sorry, I wasn’t trying to imply that the fault was Turbine’s, as I obviously know nothing about the exact conditions of the launch. I just think it hurt interest in LOTRO to have it come out when a lot of people were still wrapped up in leveling or running dungeons at the level cap in BC, which is really too bad. Even though LOTRO wasn’t my cup of tea, it’s clear that a lot of work went into the game and I think on the merits it deserved to do better than it did.