Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin - it's a new dawn... of war

Fantastic news, I really hope this is good. I wanted a Warhammer RTS on Xbox so bad!

Man, “Elite Dangerous devs” is not a selling point to me after I watched how they handled post launch updates and content. I’m also a little wary of what “fast accessible RTS” means. A Warhammer RTS is something I’d be interested in aside from that, though, so will be interested to see what it’s about.

A videogame based on the Warhammer franchise, huh? Interesting idea…

Can you imagine? Warhammer but in video game format! Intriguing for sure. :)


My thoughts on this: “Oh look it’s a new Warhammer RTS…yay! Wait, it’s from Frontier…fuck.”

So - this summarizes this board at times perfectly. There are two trains of thought here.

ANOTHER Warhammergame? yawn
A Fronteri game - Eeeewwwww.

Not a single person has expressed any kind of interest, or excitement. Its a little bit tiring, I have to say, since this is what happens to so many threads, and its somewhat downputting.

Anyways - I think it looks interesting - Frontier has made quite a few interesting things so this will definitely go on my wishlist! RTS is no longer my strong suite, but we’ll see how its worked out!

For the record, I hope it’s great. I just don’t have a lot of faith in the developer, but it is possible this time might be different. I certainly hope so.

Agreed, I would be BEYOND delighted if it turned out to be great. Sadly Frontier’s track record leaves much to be desired, so getting one’s hopes up isn’t a terrific idea.

Yowza! I have been misinterpreted most egregiously! And the whole damn forum got dragged as a result.

I love Warhammer videogames! (Here comes that all-important caveat… when they’re good.) I just made a silly joke. I don’t know where you got “yawn”. It never ceases to amaze me all the myriad ways in which good-natured tone on one end of the keyboard can be twisted in the eyeballs and hearts of the reader. I wish it weren’t so.

That said, do you go into senior care facilities and complain about them lacking enthusiasm for life?? ;)

what? People here usually likes lots of Warhammer games! the Total Wars, the Gladius one, the ***tide ones, Boltgun, Battlesector, the Xcom like one, the Mechanicus one, etc.


Looks a bit better here, imo

I know it’s kind of their thing, but personally I’m getting tired of the super-bulky armor look that is so common. I know “realism” is pretty silly in this context, but I would appreciate armor that was more realistic-looking.

I you don’t have a coffee table on each shoulder, how will you survive?

I think it’s especially egregious because the sigmarines are supposed to be the 40k space marines transplanted to fantasy (right?). So the shoulderpads are a key part of the brand.

Though this goes back at least to Warcraft 3, and probably the earliest 3D games that even had armor had shoulderpads.

This is probably a big reason why. The style developed because it was necessary to make the units distinct and look okay when poly budgets were very low. But then people liked the look, especially considering WoW, and so it has stayed a thing.

Game overview trailer has been published

I’m interested in the mini randomized campaigns. Like will the score chase be used for more than just leaderboards

Integrated level editor and army painter are welcome. Using the editor to pose your dudes and take screenshots is silly but also very in line with the hobby