Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin - it's a new dawn... of war

Fantastic news, I really hope this is good. I wanted a Warhammer RTS on Xbox so bad!

Man, “Elite Dangerous devs” is not a selling point to me after I watched how they handled post launch updates and content. I’m also a little wary of what “fast accessible RTS” means. A Warhammer RTS is something I’d be interested in aside from that, though, so will be interested to see what it’s about.

A videogame based on the Warhammer franchise, huh? Interesting idea…

Can you imagine? Warhammer but in video game format! Intriguing for sure. :)


My thoughts on this: “Oh look it’s a new Warhammer RTS…yay! Wait, it’s from Frontier…fuck.”

So - this summarizes this board at times perfectly. There are two trains of thought here.

ANOTHER Warhammergame? yawn
A Fronteri game - Eeeewwwww.

Not a single person has expressed any kind of interest, or excitement. Its a little bit tiring, I have to say, since this is what happens to so many threads, and its somewhat downputting.

Anyways - I think it looks interesting - Frontier has made quite a few interesting things so this will definitely go on my wishlist! RTS is no longer my strong suite, but we’ll see how its worked out!

For the record, I hope it’s great. I just don’t have a lot of faith in the developer, but it is possible this time might be different. I certainly hope so.

Agreed, I would be BEYOND delighted if it turned out to be great. Sadly Frontier’s track record leaves much to be desired, so getting one’s hopes up isn’t a terrific idea.

Yowza! I have been misinterpreted most egregiously! And the whole damn forum got dragged as a result.

I love Warhammer videogames! (Here comes that all-important caveat… when they’re good.) I just made a silly joke. I don’t know where you got “yawn”. It never ceases to amaze me all the myriad ways in which good-natured tone on one end of the keyboard can be twisted in the eyeballs and hearts of the reader. I wish it weren’t so.

That said, do you go into senior care facilities and complain about them lacking enthusiasm for life?? ;)

what? People here usually likes lots of Warhammer games! the Total Wars, the Gladius one, the ***tide ones, Boltgun, Battlesector, the Xcom like one, the Mechanicus one, etc.