Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide



NDA is lifted. I really, REALLY like this game.


Gotta get a Qt3 group going. Much more fun when I dont feel like i’m dragging random strangers down. Better to drag friends down instead :)


I will have time to play this finally this week!


This game feels like they made enough money off of the original to sit down and actually make this one the way they wanted the first one to look and perform.


Yeah, this game is soooooooooo good. Love the new leveling/talent system and the level design/style captures the Warhammer world perfectly.

Love how the spawns are so varied this time aroundl You never know what enemies you will be confronting.


Can’t find your steam tag in steam. McMaster maybe?


I’ve been holding off playing any more until the preorder beta this Wednesday (when progress will hopefully be saved.) Can’t wait.


It displays as McMaster, but it might be jmcmaster or jvmcmaster


Closed beta - Extended 24 hours!
Wow, it’s been an amazing weekend. We cannot thank you enough for your participation and activity during closed beta, and to celebrate we’d like to keep it rolling for another 24 hours!

The extended beta period will run for 24 hours from 6PM CET / 9AM PST. Anyone that has keys can continue playing, and those who haven’t had a chance to play the game yet will find BETA keys at www.vermintide.com as long as they last.

Don’t forget, the Vermintide 2 Pre-Order exclusive beta starts on Wednesday! Pre-order now for 10% off on Steam:


Is there any solo play here? I’ve been so wrapped up in Total Warhammer lately I am tempted.


You can play with AI bots as your teammates, but they’re not good enough to let you beat missions at anything other than the lower difficulties.


Well that beta well and truly convinced me about getting the game, as if I wasn’t already going to do that, after dumping 24 hours of playtime into it. Can’t wait for the pre-order beta to begin on Wednesday and for progression to be permanent; though I’ll miss my high level Kruber, Saltzy and Sienna until I regrind them up to where I had them.


I picked this up as well. I wish I could play it longer stretches, but I have to be cautious with the motion sickness. If I set the FOV just right (I think it’s like 87 or something like that, for me) I can play a match or two but the camera side-to-side wobble that it does whenever you swing a weapon really does it for me. I play mostly Sienna so at least I can stay at range and do shooty stuff part of the time.

This and the Dead Island series are literally the only games I’ve ever experienced motion sickness in, but I remember Dead Island has a slight side-to-side tilt/wobble as well, even when you’re just standing still breathing. I think that must be my trigger.


The modded bots in Vermintide 1 were really good, more consistent and reliable than most human players you’ll come across. Since V2 has actual modding support I imagine we’ll see something similar.

I played one solo mission in the beta with bots and they were fairly capable. Also, the V1 player base was very decent from my experience, only a couple of bad experiences with PUGs out of 100+ hrs of playtime (though I started V1 late, the new release crowd might be more riotous.)


Have you turned off head bob and screen shake?


Head bob yes, but it doesn’t turn off the lurching animation when you swing. I will need to double-check screen shake. I generally like the effect and don’t have issues with it in other games, but if turning that off also disables the lurch animation I’ll definitely turn that off. When the game is back online I’ll see if that does the trick… I sure hope so!


Lol, I never knew there are mods for Vermintide 1 bots.


Me either. I need to check that out.


Google the Vermintide QOL mod, then. It includes the bot improvements plus a host of other non-cheaty awesome stuff.