Warhammer Online PC/Console?

Though not officially announced for consoles apparently this was running on a 360 at E3 in addition to the PC with the 360 character running around on the same server as the PC players. Could be interesting, and is certainly one way to go after WoW.

shadownrun does this as well, so it could happen.

How do players communicate with one another in console MMORPGs?

Mythic is going to support voice chat (probably).

Square = INC
Triangle = REZPLZ

Did I miss anything?

heh heh

There’s a keyboard/gamepad combo thingy that Logitech makes for use with the PS2 for FF XI, oddly enough…


How do they communicate now? I swear, most of the people I meet randomly in WoW must be thalidomide children, typing with the stub of a pencil they have clenched between their teeth - hep 2 kil qest plz kthx?.

Did I miss anything?

WTS [Phallic Sword of Manliness] 2000G PST

If the game has PVP everyone can communicate in the best way possible – violence.

I am sure they’ll have an elaborate emote system where people can /dance /flirt /hug and /mate so there will be no need for a keyboard.

In fact, I would rather have a guy using emotes in my party than some 20 year old geek who types as if he was 6 and spent those 6 years playing counterstrike on friendlyfire disabled de_dust servers.

Anyone else afraid that the PC version of this game will suffer from consoleism? – like Oblivion (even though they promised the game would not suffer for it).

People can always plug in a keyboard to the 360 if text chat is needed that much.