Warhammer online - some big changes

Ok, I read a link on Ray M’s facebook yesterday that there’s some pretty major changes coming to the game that have some “dungeon finder” like functionality and even warband matching.


I haven’t touched it since about 3 months after launch but these changes sound significant enough that I’m thinking of jumping back in and trying it. There was a lot to recommend about WHO but the community blew, server populations were completely imbalanced and raiding was extremely difficult/impossible unless you had a major guild behind you.

It’s sounds like a lot of that has been looked at carefully.

Any other lapsed players want to start back up (I have a 38 rune priest can I have back up and running in no time) once the patch hits? Could be a fun filler until Cataclysm.

The 1.3.6 update has already happened a while ago :)

It killed off spammers…for a day. Then they came back in full force. I told EAMythicWare I’m not coming back for another month if I’m constantly going to be PMed by some Chinese fuckwit. So I’m not. The game might be fine, and there might be more players in T2-T3, but fuck China. With a grenade.