Warhammer Quest: iOS


Warhammer Quest for iOS from Rodeo Games (the makers of Hunters and Hunters 2) is coming out this Wednesday evening. Based on the original boardgame, its core is turn-based tactical dungeon exploration. Overland settlements allow purchasing more equipment and hiring new characters. Hardcore (perma-death) mode is available.

In addition to the “campaign” there are random quests available. Characters level up, although special abilities on level up are random. Characters gain equipment and have 12 item slots.

Game is currently set for release on iPad (iPad 2 on up) and iPhone (iPhone 4 and up). Price is £2.99 or $4.99. No announcement for Android at this time. Currently single player, they would like to add multiplayer support, but no promises (although pass and play should work fine).

Initial four characters are: Dwarf Ironbreaker, Wood Elf Waywatcher, Grey Wizard, and Norse Marauder. Available as DLC at launch are Dwarf Slayer, Warrior Priest of Sigmar, and the High Elf Archmage. The initial game is set to take 25-30 hours. There is also a set of Skaven Adventures available as DLC. If the game is successful Rodeo hopes to come out with regular DLC in the form of both adventures and new characters.

For more information:

[ul][li] Pocket Tactics preview is probably the most extensive. [/li][li] PocketGamer UK also has a great preview.[/li][li] BoardgameGeek’s iOS Blog also has a post with some nice pictures.[/li][li] Rodeo Games Facebook page also has some information and images.[/li][li]Nice Q&A from PocketGamer UK.[/ul][/li]
Boardgame Geek’s iOS blogger who has been playing a preview copy responded thus to someone’s question:

Q: “Is anything out now on iPAd on the market coming close to Warhammers Quest?”
A: “as a huuuuuuuuugeeeeeeeeee fan of turn based strategies and as a huge fan of dungeon explorer games I can say NO there is nothing better than this on iPad at the moment”

As a big turn-based game fan, as a fantasy RPG enthusiast, and as a Warhammer aficionado, I am very much looking forward to this one!

Here’s a 5 minute Walkthrough from Rodeo Games.

Sample Images:

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Ohh, that looks brilliant! Thanks for sharing. My GF is getting an IPAD through work, and this looks kinda interesting in that regard :-)


This looks great, but I was hoping that there’d be news of an impending Android release… :( I guess I should hope that this is successful on iOS, but I’m not sure if that would encourage them to work on an Android release or just more iOS DLC.

I don’t like playing on the second fiddle system. I don’t know how Mac gamers ever survived with their trickle-down PC gaming. :)


Been watching this one for a while now. I cannot wait to give this one a shot on Wednesday. Any announced price so far?


£2.99 or $4.99. [I’ll go ahead and edit into the original post]

Did Hunters and/or Hunters 2 come out on the Android? Apparently it’s built on the same engine.


A quick search of play.google.com suggests they did not.

I like the look of this and I always wanted to play the boardgame back in the day. However I’m less interested in a version for my Galaxy Nexus than I am in a PC version.


Games like this makes me sad I went android. I really hope they port it.


Hunters Episode One is out on Android.


Is it a universal app (i.e. one purchase playable on either iPhone or iPad)?


Universal with Cloud support allowing games on one device to continue on the other.


Even better.

My iOS backlog runneth over.


I skimmed the articles but the answer didn’t jump out at me: are the dungeons procedurally generated? I’ve got to get a iPad at some point, sigh. The games just aren’t coming to my Surface (the Windows 8 Marketplace doesn’t seem to have caught on much).


Looking at this I can only wonder sadly why they have not produced an iPad Space Hulk…


Oh you’re right. Not sure how I missed that in my search earlier.


I can’t imagine putting 30 hours into a singleplayer iOS game.

The gameplay looked kind of basic in the videos I’ve seen. Small rooms, few enemies. Does the boardgame offer more tactical choices as the characters level up?


In progress…


Slightly more interesting equipment as you played, and some more powers. The basic characters were interesting, but I actually though it was the expansion characters like the Noble who proved to be more interesting. But no, this isn’t much more than a basic dungeon crawl. (Note, this is based on having last played the game in 1998 or so. I might be forgetting some things.)

Still, it was a suffciently fun game to play with my friends once a week. We’d set up on to play, watch the first or second season episode of Stargate SG1 that aired that night, then play one or two completely random dungeons for about two hours. It was a lot of fun, and we didn’t use all of the RPG book that had bunches of overworld encounters.


Ydejin, hats off to you. I was thinking of writting something up on this one as it seems to be getting little attention so far, but I can’t imagine I would have done nearly as complete of a job on the opening post. Also it seems each time I make a post about a game it is the kiss of death as the game inevitably has some quality that makes it too something or other for mass interest-- and I didn’t want to jinx this one. Cheers.

Hopefully without jinxing it, this one looks like it could be the real deal and I spent all weekend debating which game I wanted to play when I knew the answer was Warhammer Quest. I have a near mint collection in my gaming closet that has not seen much use since my college days. That said, it looks like they took a lot of liberties with the game and it will be more like Hunters 3.0 as a video game interpretation of WH Quest, but that should be fine as a straight translation of the Games Workshop rules might come off as a bit barebones in a post boardgame revolution era.

I am unclear on the release though. Most press releases say May 30, but other blurbs seem to say “Wednesday night”. Is this shorthand for a midnight release or is something else known?


Damn. I loved me some WQ. I even built my own copy, using the many, many HeroScape minis I own. Too bad it’s iOS only. Android would be nice- I just threw a buck at Hunters to encourage them.


Most of the major releases each week on iOS come out on Wednesday, staggered by time zone, starting with New Zealand. In the US, it is 8pm Pacific/11pm Eastern