Warhammer Server Role Call (Teehee)

What server is everyone one, and what side? I just got the game today, and I wonder these things.

I think Ostermark on Order side.

Red Eye Mountain - Order

Bretonia - Order.

Phoenix Throne - Order

Azazel - Destruction

Iron Rock - Order

Kincaid - Witch Hunter - Rank 32

(editing to include my name so other Iron Rock peeps can find me)

Belakor - Bad Guys ™

ulthuan something - destruction.

Volkmar, Destruction

Iron Rock, Order as well.

Darklands (IB) - Order
Ostermark (WH) - Order

Darklands, Order (Hey Equis! who are you?)
Ironclaw, Destruction


Ostermark - Order


Ostermark - Order

Wow, people are really spread out.

Skull Throne - Destruction (when my brother is on)
Ostermark - Order (when he isn’t)

Phoenix Throne, Chaos.

Order/Ostermark: I rolled some characters here with the intent of joining the Wanderers, but I haven’t gotten around to it due to a combination of laziness and not being sure if I want to keep playing my Warrior Priest (now in her early 20s). Non-tank melee classes are brutal! You either have the classes that have no armor and die quickly, or the healer-melee classes that have more armor, but get focus fired by non-stupid people because they are healers. Maybe in an organized group with a tank that actually guards people it would be better. Plus as melee the weird lag/client prediction problems are worse.

Destruction/Phoenix Throne: I have some characters here, too. A shaman and a black orc. The giant hulking black orc is pretty awesome looking, though I think the Chaos tank (at least in the early 20s) is cooler looking, looking like some kind of gigantic hulking black knight. The BO’s at that level seem to look a little goofy, with weird helmets.

The server populations seem to rarely hit High any more on these servers (or any?). I hope they do some server consolidation. Every interesting aspect of the game (PQs, scenarios, open world RvR) depends so heavily on population, and the density is now lower as people are spread across 4 tiers. I wish I could see the pop level in a particular tier, as I don’t care if there are a million people in Tier 4 if I want to play in Tier 2.