Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Left 4 Chaos


Ha! That gif is about right. There just needs to be a conspicuously placed cliff in the middle of the lawn. ;)


Heh, I never did Hunger in the Dark and thought I had. That unlocked Halescourge and Skittergate. Foot Knight is just one or two runs from 24 now.


Wow. Weren’t you lvl 3 on Friday? I thought I played a lot, to advance to level 15. I guess you’re digging the game. :)


I just picked this up. I’d welcome some friend invites on Steam. I’m SaberSnail.


Anyone who hated the Bile Troll rejoice in the balancing changes of the new latest patch: http://steamcommunity.com/games/552500/announcements/detail/1656634771905452289

I also won’t knock back a couple of free commendation chests as compensation for the Heroic Deed rewards being a bit glitchy before this patch.


One of my all time favorite lines from patch notes:

Troll pukes less amounts of vomit near itself (set to same amount, 30 liters as ranged puke).


Running into the ugly side of the community. Join a game, they all wipe fighting Halescourge, raise them all, we beat him, run for the gate, and some a-hole kicks me right before it ends. Join another, level 1 newb running a vet game, we wipe at the end, he quits out so no XP at all. Basically a waste of 30 minutes of my life. Hopefully the dedicated servers address some of these issues.


Damn. I haven’t ran into anyone so toxic yet, but since I started joining champion pugs I’ve seen more vote kicks due to level or perceived “skill” (I play late at night, so awkwardness ensues when they rejoin the same game via quick play.)

I found the V1 community friendlier, but it was also much smaller and I started playing it during the tail-end.


That is very unfortunate, and a slight downside to the game’s current popularity, since in all my time doing PUGs I haven’t yet run across much toxic behavior from other people yet. Though to be fair, the Australian/New Zealand playerbase for Vermintide is smaller compared to Europe or North America so it isn’t uncommon to match with the same people in Quick Play, especially as the difficulty increases. Run into a few people that have remember me from previous Quick Play games and said hi, so that is nice.

Friendly reminder that anyone having issues with toxic PUGs can always hit up the Discord and see if anyone is up for a game. Playing with fellow QT3 members has been a blast so far, and we’ve got people of all sorts of different skill levels.


May I have a Discord invite?


This is a really tough game. Only times I have succeeded at a mission is when there’s been someone at 10+ levels on the mission(i’m level 5). If it is comprised only of low level guys we inevitably wipe on one of the mini-bosses that show up, usually the chaos spawn. The one I completed last night had a level 15 dwarf with some sort of shotgun there was a point when all the rest of us were downed and he was able to deal with a mini-boss and a horde of other creatures and revive all of us. At the end he had managed to only take 262 damage and had green circles around almost all of the other stats as well, is the power curve just that steep?


Nope. There is a power curve, and the talents every five levels are important, but it’s mostly teamwork and skill. A good team knows to stay together, watch each others’ backs and tag & bag specials quickly. And a good player learns how to minimize damage taken in any situation, which is the the most important row on the scoreboard.

This is a challenging game. I think they have recruit set to be too difficult for new players.


So that means that @Jason_McMaster isn’t really “winning” the most damage taken award every round? :p

Recruit is far easier than it was in beta, in fact I think it is tuned just perfect for casual play.


at least I can SEE the enemies.


so the level 15 dwarf was just amazingly skillful when he dealt with a horde of enemies including a mini-boss by himself? How do you avoid damage when you are the only one left standing? For that matter how do you avoid damage from the chaos spawn, the thing just chases you down and picks you up and heals while stick you in it’s mouth? The only way I’ve been able to avoid damage from it is getting somebody else in between it and myself.


Well, I didn’t see it, but I assume so. There are people who solo (no bots) in harder difficulties. A lot of it is knowing the monsters’ attack tells, then knowing which should be blocked, dodged to the side or dodged straight back. Vermintide has a pretty high skill cap.

If you’re interested in the details, I learned a lot from watching a youtuber named j_sat.


I wish they’d throw people a bone and give out a single loot item when you wipe more than halfway through. Really sucks spending all that time just to get a crappy draw of a spawn plus hordes plus snatch rat all at once. Just some measly experience points for a good 15-20 minutes of work is frustrating.


I got called a faggot the other day. And since I don’t play CoD on XBOX (or similar stuff), it has been many years since I was called a faggot. So, congrats to that guy. He was also the first person I ever reported on Steam. I’m sure they’ll take my complaint very seriously.

It’s even better when the host crashes or quits at the end and you get… nothin’.


That, at least, will be fixed. Dedicated servers are coming soonish.


Yeah, I got my first blatant racism in game in a long time. Like literally prompted by nothing. The game starts, one of the players types, “Does anyone know any black people,” and then I had the joy of listening to two people merrily talk about racist shit for 20 seconds until I could nope the fuck out of there.

It’s something I’ve never understood. Is this just something about being edgy? Because I could understand people being racist, but why the fuck babble on about it in a video game? Like no one babbles on about the power of Jesus in video games, or compound interest, or woodworking, or countless other things people are passionate about.

I know it’s just people getting their jollies being transgressive, but it’s not edgy or shocking. It’s just tiresome.