Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Left 4 Chaos


Few games do. Everything is massive these days.


Nice. Is there an improved bots mod yet?


Yes there is and it is pretty good. While the bots aren’t infallible, as they can be a bit vulnerable to the hard hitting elites when they are mixed in with a horde (though so are many players), they can acquit themselves competently in most circumstances.

Depending on how harsh the game wants to be with the random spawns typically I can solo through a bunch of the maps on Legend using the improved bots. The loadout I have for my Kerillian bot is absolutely bonkers, she’s usually keeping up with me in the kill counts. A bot’s performance can also vary a little depending on the loadout they are given, for while they might be improved but they are still bots so they are more competent with some weapons than others.


Alternatively, if anyone wants some human help I still play the game. Been playing it a bit more regularly lately due to the release of the Return to Ubersreik DLC. Gotta beat that secret challenge level after all, haha.


Fantastic news, thanks for the link!

I mostly play co-op with friends but we generally can’t pull together a party of 4, so having competent bots makes a world of difference.




If you ever need extras, I have three or four people that I can often rustle up in some fashion.


Started playing this again, and went looking for upgraded bots. Seems like the mod mentioned above has suddenly stopped working, with significantly worse results than the default ones. Anyone know of a mod that has better bots than the default?


I started played, and I’m liking it a good deal.

The default bots seem good enough?

Although I’m playing it mostly online, I’m finding good players, that wait for you, guide you into secrets, etc.


So yeah, I’ve been played this game the past week, and I wanted to write a small post about one of the key features: the melee combat.

It’s really an enjoyable system, that fits squarely in the ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ category, that’s their secret sauce. You can have fun as a new players in the lower difficulties by just clicking left button a lot and hacking and slashing hordes gloriously, with just blocking for the biggest monsters. But the game offers a nice amount of depth, despite the weapon melee system being just 5 actions:
-light attack (click lmb)
-heavy attack (hold lmb)
-block (hold rmb)
-push (hold rmb then lmb)

It does it by giving a lot of character and identity to the weapons, so they feel different despite the basic (clickclickclick) being the same. Weapons can differ in lots of things:

-damage, crit damage
-speed (typical slow but hard hitting weapon, or quick but low dmg)
-range (spear vs daggers, for example)
-every weapon have a different animation attack for both light and heavy attack. Some weapons do wide horizontal slashes, others do lunge piercing attack, other overhead smashes. The speed of the weapon can change too in different attack, for example the flail have a slower first attack and later is faster, and that can matter as you want that first attack to stagger the enemy. As the the weapon has to really connect with an enemy to do damage (and it matters where, ie. headshots), it’s important, making the weapon better or worse for some situations.
-in addition every weapon have a different attack combo. Some are simple, just ‘left slash, right slash’, others can do ‘slash, overhead, slash’, or ‘slash, slash, lunge attack’. This can be manipulated by attacking twice, then briefly blocking and attacking again, if you are in a situation where the third attack isn’t as good.
-armor piercing amount (good vs unarmored enemies or good vs armored enemies)
-stamina (that gives you how much you can block and push)
-cleave amount (how much it can the damage goes through enemies in one attack)
-stagger amount
-push amount
-block degrees (weapon can have an invisible cone in front of you that define what attacks can be blocked or enemies pushed, a weapon with better block will be able to block attack almost to your side).
-special abilities (dot, shield breaking, heavy charged attack, etc)

And that’s only the weapon melee system, apart from that you have the ranged weapons, the magic for Senna that works slightly different, the dodge action, and of course the passive and active abilities, the teamwork needed to play in a coop game, the spatial awareness needed in combat, etc.


I stopped playing at 57 hours, and you know, I think I could have played 12 more, it’s just that I have other games to play!



Also, how the new winds of magic affect the maps


That looks great. For some reason, the album is hidden for me though.


Strange, I can see it. One more


There are 8 photos in that album, so 8 umm winds of magic that can change the map.


Makes sense according to warhammer lore (and as a bit of fan service)





Holy crap this is awesome!

Happy 1 year anniversary!


Hrn, I feel like I the one they did for Vermintide 1 was better.

Oh no, it was the Vermintide 2 launch trailer.


I like the way the anniversary trailer’s figures are miniatures, thus paying homage to the roots of the Warhammer IP! The launch trailer is fully 3D rendered models which gave them the ability to have more dynamic poses. Both are pretty great.