Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Left 4 Chaos


Courtesy of reddit. Nonsensical water wheel explained?

Mostly wanted to link that awesome illustration on the right. Again, I’d love to see the warhammer style of ugly fantasy art realized in 3D. V2 does a decent job, but TWarhammer is disappointingly bland.


New challenges! New hats! Mod support!


Out on XB1 this past week, and I picked it up. Don’t think it’s cross-platform though.

I didn’t play the first one, so having some fun learning everything and playing. And getting kicked from groups, ha!



Well, well… Time to reach into my wardrobe and fetch Kruber’s Bogenhafen hat I guess. Or Huntsman Kruber to be precise since it is class limited, which is a shame since I would wear it on Mercenary Kruber too if I could.



What a brilliant trailer. I love that hand-drawn effect too.


Not out on Xbox One yet it seems.


I think it consists of two maps and some cosmetics. Maybe a $5 purchase down the road for me.


Technically you aren’t even paying for the two new maps as long as you either Quickplay or know someone who has the DLC and they host any custom games, so the DLC policy is rather similar to the first Vermintide. So really buying the DLC is to support Fatshark’s continued development of the game and get some various unique rewards, in the form of skins and stuff.

Also, for anyone interested…


I played a bunch on the free weekend. The new enemies and new subclasses are nice, although I would say the biggest improvement are the scenarios. Big, beautiful and more varied than in the first game, where it felt it always was ‘city at night under green moon’.

That said, I didn’t buy it even with the 50% off offer, as I have the feeling it will be included in the Humble Monthly in a few months (and the truth is, I don’t play these games for hundreds of hours, I got bored after a while).


Also did anyone notice sanctioned mods were added?



Winter sale pickup here for backlog amusement with mods.

Just passing by to note this game does not look good enough (haven’t actually played yet, just screenshots/videos) to justify 60GB that Steam is asking for.


Few games do. Everything is massive these days.


Nice. Is there an improved bots mod yet?


Yes there is and it is pretty good. While the bots aren’t infallible, as they can be a bit vulnerable to the hard hitting elites when they are mixed in with a horde (though so are many players), they can acquit themselves competently in most circumstances.

Depending on how harsh the game wants to be with the random spawns typically I can solo through a bunch of the maps on Legend using the improved bots. The loadout I have for my Kerillian bot is absolutely bonkers, she’s usually keeping up with me in the kill counts. A bot’s performance can also vary a little depending on the loadout they are given, for while they might be improved but they are still bots so they are more competent with some weapons than others.


Alternatively, if anyone wants some human help I still play the game. Been playing it a bit more regularly lately due to the release of the Return to Ubersreik DLC. Gotta beat that secret challenge level after all, haha.


Fantastic news, thanks for the link!

I mostly play co-op with friends but we generally can’t pull together a party of 4, so having competent bots makes a world of difference.




If you ever need extras, I have three or four people that I can often rustle up in some fashion.


Started playing this again, and went looking for upgraded bots. Seems like the mod mentioned above has suddenly stopped working, with significantly worse results than the default ones. Anyone know of a mod that has better bots than the default?