Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Left 4 Chaos

It’s cosmetics only though correct? If so, I am always curious why it is so accepted and popular in Warframe for skins but not in other games.

Isn’t Warframe free to play?

Yes it is. Some cosmetics are purchased with real money and others can be gotten via gameplay.

My group finally got around to it and it is… a winner, for now. I am sure the sister will need some breaks because of the constant fast pace and the other one might get bore but hey, it got as L4D feel I’ve been craving for years with enough added stuff to keep my group from complaining.

Does anyone know if everyone has to have the DLC or can the host just have that?

I am 99% sure only the host needs all the DLC’s to make the maps available to all. I think the new gear and game modes, however, do require each player to own the specific DLC’s.

I am gonna head back to this game, too, once my Destiny 2 obsession fades. I picked up all the DLC’s in the Steam sale. Vermintide is pretty great :)

I loved it. I got us all a copy way back when they had one of their free weekends, and have been gently reminding everyone we have this game for like… a yearish maybe.

I actually played with PUGs during that weekend, I forget what they were doing, and aside from random server drops, that worked actually okay. This time around we realize the one and only bot isn’t so bad at all. And even though I almost never play for cosmetic things, if they sold a female dwarf, I gift that to my sister. She loves playing dwarves, and would be totally stoked if they had a lady version of one for this game, beards and all.

New paid DLC character added in the latest update.

Odd, because everyone is going to want to play him, but only one person per game can.

When I was playing a few months ago, this exploit was the way to go. The final event is just too difficult on Legendary difficulty.

New game announced by Fatshark:

Looks good. Loved Vermintide 2 at launch, but after I was “done” with the game a couple of months after, never really felt inclined to go back. The mixed reviews of the various DLCs didn’t help.

Looks awesome, looking forward to it. Vermintide 2 is one of my all time favorites and still play it regularly.

Picked it up for 6 dollars because I had some other game on Steam and it is fun! Has a very strong Left4Dead vibe, but with different characters, loot, and levels. Pet peeve: Every game I’m in consists of people chasing those green circles on the scoreboard, with a severe lack of teamwork. That’s fine on recruit difficulty, but on champion it’s hard to finish a game because your team will get picked apart.

People still be chasing green circles after all this time? Move over war, because I guess green circle chasers never change either. Definitely a fun game though regardless of some of the green circle chasing nature of some people. Always makes me chuckle because the loot you can earn has much more permanency to it compared to green circles, good luck showing off your green circles to other people outside of that one specific “match”.

Yup. I usually play one of the tankier classes, which does me no good when everyone else is running off in different directions while being horded. I’ll back myself into a corner and just hang on. Once someone goes down it’s generally all over, just a matter of who goes down last.

Certainly can help having at least one friend in the party, still got fond memories of epic hold-outs and other such moments with other QT3 members. Done my fair share of solo saving a mission from a premature ending but definitely better odds if there’s two of you alive to cover each other’s back.

I, uh, may have got kind of good at the game at one point since I could do two-man runs of certain missions on Legend difficulty; the days before they introduced Cataclysm as a step up from Legend. Though, not as good as some of those people who could do solo clears, that is even more impressive to be able to do.

Look out Ratling Gunners there’s a new gatling-totting Dawi in town. As the Orks of Warhammer 40,000 would say, this class be packing the Dakka. Boosts the ranged damage of the party by 10%, can carry up to three bombs for more kaboom-ing, and has 50% more ranged ammo as a perk too. Plus a new melee weapon (Cogwork Hammer) and ranged weapon (Masterwork Pistol) on top of the fancy new gatling gun, since that is locked behind the Outcast Engineer’s class ability.

Did they ever fix the winds dlc/expansion? I recall that being a big bomba at release.

Last I checked, it is in a stage where most of the player base is fine with it now. They limited Beastmen to certain maps and made a number of improvements to it. I still prefer the standard adventure maps personally, since that’s my jam, but the Weaves can be decent fun with a good group.

Winds is overpriced since very few people care about Weaves.

Basically you’re paying a lot for a weapon for each character and the occasional Beastmen showing up.

That’s why I usually pick these things up on sale rather than at full price personally, sometimes the value proposition ain’t quite there for me at the full asking price. Though the Grail Knight and Outcast Engineer careers I have been more tempted to pick up at the time of release.

If Weaves had been fun, it would’ve been fine, but they… just aren’t to the vast majority of people.

So you’re paying for a game mode that you don’t want to play. All the stuff in that mode is isolated from the rest of the game on top of it. The careers are pretty good value imo. You get a whole new character for a few bucks. You can pick and choose and only get the ones that interest you, etc.