Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - Left 4 Chaos

Ohh that’s pretty good. Once you play enough, you understand that’s a key mechanic in the game.

Not sure levitating Chaos Warriors with the staff will ever get old for me. It’s Kerillian’s turn to be the Blightstormer now, haha. Outside of named bosses or the boss monster (Rat Ogre, etc) there isn’t much you can’t levitate in place for a decent number of seconds.

Has the potential to lead to some funny hijinx if you do it on an unaware Stormvermin or Chaos patrol.

Given your warning about the Kerillian queue times I instead picked up the extra classes for Bardin and Kruber. Not sure how I feel about the Bardin one, but the Kruber one is fantastic and probably OP.

Despite having 350 hours in this game, I can’t keep track of all the changes they’ve made over the years. Some (all?) of the original levels were changed and now they’re Olesya find-the-rune-levels which just annoys the hell out of me because all the grims and tomes are moved. Or are those original non-rune levels still available somehow? I can’t keep track.

E - Oh, I think I see. The changed levels are from Return to Ubersreik.

Ah, that would explain it. Sounded like you could have been referring to the Back to Ubersreik DLC levels but I wasn’t quite 100% sure.

Yeah, Grail Knight Kruber sure is a great bit of fun to play, while fairly powerful there are still times where Mercenary Kruber comes in handy though so doesn’t entirely invalidate his other careers. Engineer has some decent kit that synergises well with Bardin’s other careers, Masterwork Pistol can be great fun on Ranger Veteran, but the class itself feels slightly awkward if your team doesn’t work around you and the steam-assisted crank gun.

Seems like some of Kerillian’s Sister of the Thorn talents\abilities might need some slight re-tuning in a patch. Radiant Inheritance can be a bit insanely powerful for something Fatshark called a “Support” career.

I did pick up the Sister of Thorn too and it is ridiculously OP, especially Radiant Inheritance.

Someone I played with commented that it seemed like they were going the CoD route – releasing obviously OP DLC which made everyone feel like they had to get it, then nerfing it down a few months later.

Ahh, Heroes of the Storm balancing.

New Warrior Priest career for Staltzy for $4. $10 if you want the appearances.

I generally approve of how Fatshark has managed to turn a three-year-old game into a form of continued improvement and revenue.

Nice. Fatshark has always provided quite a bit of new/seasonal content for free so I have no problem picking up any paid DLC that they offer, including this.

I still play frequently and it continues to be high up on my list of favorite games of all time.

Can’t wait for Darktide.

It’s a free update, by the way. Even better, the game is now… free!

Dumb question but is this playable singleplayer and does it have any kind of story, and does it support controller?

Yes, yes (though it’s pretty lite) and yes.

Bots are decent at the mid and below difficulties, though the pros can make them work on the hardest difficulties.

It has bots, that while not brilliant, they are decent enough to make you able to go through the levels (the revive you, follow you well enough, etc).

I haven’t played the first game. Is it skippable?

End times are here, world is ending, hordes of ratmen are coming up from below and doing bad stuff, you try to stop it and get captured.

Think that’s pretty much what you need to know from the first game.

Thanks, I will try it out.

I guess more from a gameplay perspective. Less story.

Are the maps good? Something like Heavy Rain in L4D2.

You can skip the first one, the second one IMO, is a straight improvement in every way. If you find that you enjoy the game, there are DLC that revisit some of the maps from the first game.

This game is free on Steam now, through Nov 7.

Hard to believe the game is already in its sixth year and it’s still getting new content. Excited to see what they do with the Karak Azgaraz maps from the original Vermintide. The way Fatshark blended old with new for the Castle Drachenfels maps was a real treat.

And a small teaser for Sienna’s fourth career right at the end too. Truly the game that keeps on giving.