Warhammer Vs Warhammer

Watch it yourself:

I suggest to get the best quality vid of the Mythic’s one and I wish I could find an high-quality vid for the Namco’s one (edit: found, “save as” should work).

Both of these are MASTERPIECES, best stuff at the E3 (the Halo 3 video pales in comparison). Despite they are just CG stuff irrelevant for the actual games, they really deserve to be seen.

Mythic’s one has a better quality, better detail and art and even screenplay. It mocks blatantly WoW’s intro video and really achieves its goal.

But it’s still nothing compared to the mighty potency of the Namco’s video. Here the raw quality is less impressive but the video is more realistic and much, much more powerful and intense. It is overwhelming.

It’s interesting to compare two completely different “views” on the Warhammer world. And I still think that Namco’s approach can offer a lot more as a “disruption” (as Iwata would say) of the current fantasy stereotypes.

I believe these “fantasy worlds” can still deliver a whole lot. I think it’s blatantly obvious that the current mmorpgs, for example, really took the worst out of what the “myth” could deliver (for example: immersion and empathy, which should be OBLIGATORY premises for a RPG).

Both those videos are masterpieces and evidence of the narrative and emotive impact that the fantasy genre has and that noone is even trying to use.

Anyway, what’s the purpose of a CG video for a videogame? To inspire.

And both of these do their work awesomely.

Lies. It’s to create unrealistic expecations, because expecations sell preorders.

Two CG vids? Woop-di-fucking-do.

Edit: I take it back. Woop-di-fucking-do at the WH:Online vid. “OMFG” at the Mark of Chaos vid.

I trust the Namco studio far more with the Warhammer world than I do Mythic. Or at least I trust them to create a game that looks how I imagine the Warhammer world to look.

But I’m biased I guess. I secretly hope Mythics sudios spontaneously combust one day.

Also Dawn of War was shit and nowhere near dark enough to be the real Warhammer 40k.

Although interestingly the DoW CG was far closer than the game ever was. Almost like they had different art direction on the CG to the game itself.

If you can track down the new Hellgate CG, it’s pretty damn awesome too.

I believe Blur did that intro as well.

Nice videos both. The CGI artwork is fantastic…

The Mark of Chaos one seemed to fit better with my impression of the Warhammer universe though — darker.

Dawn of War wasn’t particularly dark, but it sure as hell wasn’t shit. One of the few RTSes I’d bother to play again, and one of the few I’ve enjoyed multiplayer in recent years.

It adhered to the background about as well as the tabletop game does.

Well, to be fair, Namco is making a game in a genre where the Warhammer world will translate well, while Mythic not so much. Anyone who’s played Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay should see that the Warhammer world does not really lend itself easily to a mainstream MMO.

BTW, there are some gameplay videos at the official site:

The Gamespot one shows more of the interface (and is a lot longer), but these are also decent.

Can anyone tell me what Codec I need installed to play the Warhammer Online video?

Download gspot, it should tell you what codecs are used in almost any video file, so you can track down the codecs.

What I would like to see in melee-style RTS is that the hits from each unit actually… hit… something. and not just a generic fighting animation vs a generic fighting animation until one of the units suddenly dies.

No reason to have a close zoom level unless the units actually do something interesting when they fight, imho.

Course, that would require a lot more development. Still, I would like to see it done :-)

And which Codex will I have to purchase to make sure my character is über in the mmorpg?

Stuff it. I’m not going to jump through hoops to watch an advert.

I did see the Mark of Chaos clip…

I’d play to see a full length CGI film like that. Twice. It’s even better than the Dawn Of War intro which was, until now, the best cinematic I’d ever seen.

I am very psyched about the Warhammer Online game. Mythic is one of my favorite MMO developers, largely because they “get” faction-based PvP like no one else. And Warhammer Online is going to be, so far as I can tell, very much centered on that dynamic.

Yeah, I was thinking how much more convincing and moving it was than the Final Fantasy film. There’s some serious talent there.

Did you play Dawn of War?

They’re to raise awareness and create interest, and who the hell does that by showing in-game footage? Games are fun to PLAY, rarely fun to watch. Nothing stinks in a trailer more than in-game footage. A lot of people love World of Warcraft, but watching in-game footage without knowing what’s going in, is like watching paint dry.

CGI, exciting VO, and cutscenes from trailers or from game sequences where it’s obvious what’s going on, that is what should be in a trailer. Beyond Good and Evil had a trailer which went from being sucky (showing the combat in your boat, which looked like some cheap ass sequence from the early 90’s), to being great, where it introduced exciting moments from the cutscenes which made me think “I really want to see how this ends”.

The Guild Wars movie was, IMO, very good because it introduces the world and the characters and gets you into the atmosphere behind the game. The trailers where people stood there, hitting each other, with floating numbers, are the sort of thing that would have me switching off, but an emotive introduction with quality VO, that’s the sort of thing that has me looking for more information.

Yes and I loved it, but it felt that the game was more aimed towards Multiplayer than giving the player a good singleplayer campaign.