WarHawk v. EndWar (and their bundled PS3 USB headsets.)

I spent some time playing MAG this past weekend, and it made me realize that I really need a headset. I was looking at the PlayStation 3 Bluetooth Headset, and was about to buy it. But then I realized that for approximately $10 more I could pick up EndWar or WarHawk. I looked over the information, and I have a few questions:

  1. Does anyone know if they come with the “official” PS3 headset, or some other model? If there’s a difference, is the bundled headset of a lower quality?

  2. Is there still an active online community for WarHawk? What about for EndWar?

  3. Was not naming this thread EndWarHawk a missed opportunity?


The Warhawk one is just a basic Jabra, it’s fine and does its job perfectly well, but I do think the official PS BT headset is better.

TBH I am surprised there are still Warhawk bundles around. If you look around, you may be able to find a SOCOM Confrontation bundle for cheap; that one contains the official PS BT headset. Unfortunately, the game is rubbish.

The official PS3 one is supposed to be much better than the Jabra. I think it had better voice pickup and noise canceling.

Can’t you use any Bluetooth headset with the PS3? Tiger Direct sells fantastic headsets for around $30 Canadian, I’m sure they’re even cheaper in the States.

Unless you’re really stuck on picking up WarHawk or EndWar, that is.

Not really. I just remember people on Qt3 saying some nice things about the official PS3 Blutooth headset. If there’s a better / cheaper option out there, and I can order it online, I’m down.

Anyone have a specific headset recommendation?

The PS3 one has the mute and volume control buttons on the headset, which is really nice…

WarHawk still has a surprisingly active community, at least in Europe. Don’t bank on getting any of the clan trophies, though. You can also play on-line with split-screen, which is great fun. I did that with my brother and we had a good time planning pushes and attacks on the same PS3 against a German clan in a random game.

WarHawk is an under-appreciated multiplayer gem as far as I’m concerned, although the WarHawks themselves take time to get used to.

Oh, headsets, right. Didn’t hear much, if any talking on the EU servers. People just seemed to pick up on what the rest of their team was doing and helping as necessary. I can’t speak to the US servers- my experience is that they tend to be more chatty in public games. Private games are natter-fests on both sides of the pond. Can’t help here as we use our own Bluetooth headsets, sorry!

Oh wow, really? That sounds great. I’ve been whining about the lack of this feature in PS3 games for a long time. I think I’m going to go with the PS3 headset, but I may have to pick up WarHawk if I see it on sale.

Last call: Does anyone know if the EndWar combo pack comes with the official PS3 headset?

If you do get Warhawk get it on PSN where you don’t need the disc to play. Makes it so much more accessible.

It comes with the same headset as Warhawk.

Bah, oh well. Thanks for the information!

And I hadn’t realized that WarHawk was available digitally. I’ll have to pick it up whenever I tire of MAG.

I really enjoyed Warhawk. I was not a big fan of the headset.