Warlords 3 Darklords Rising? Where?


Actually found this the other day cleaning up and was disappointed I couldn’t find my Darklords Rising discs.

I’m jealous you still have that. I purged a whole lot of physical media back in 2006 and didn’t begin to regret it until ten years later.

As for buying the game on GOG, I had time to put about 2 hours into the game today. Loving it.

I purchased Warlords 1&2 bundle immediately. The download was 600MB and I remember having Warlords 2 on floppy diskettes. I’ll check the installation folder to see what’s taking all this space (perhaps some animation or FMV).

It’s such a great game.

It’s been so long I can’t remember the answer to this. Does anybody know how the game determines which of the two units gets the first attack when sparring off against an enemy unit in a battle?

This isn’t to be confused with your whole army’s attack order, just when one unit (within each army/stack) is attacking another.

Wow! I will have to pick this up!

This thread title turned out to be perfect. Just 10 years too early.

I thought these posts were worth sharing in the actual Warlords 3 thread in case some players would miss it in the weekend novelty thread:

For those who want to play the game without it being stretched to fit modern monitors (because you have a 21:9 monitor or whatever, and hate seeing the game looking like pulled taffy), you can:

  1. Go into the Warlord 3 directory
  2. Run the file DXCFG.exe
  3. Click the drop-down called “Scaling Method”
  4. Select “Integer”
  5. Save and exit

As a viable (or preferable) alternative, you could also toggle the Aspect Ratio Correction option in DXCFG instead, to make the game screen bigger, but keep the game from stretching horizontally.

This will cause the game to run its default resolution with black borders (in full screen).

We’ve got a fun Email game going over at OO. I had forgotten how fun this game can be!

Everyone’s using the GOG version, FWIW, which didn’t seem to need the dx fixes, though I couldn’t get it working on my surface pro (old DX probably doesn’t like the mouse handling).