Warlords Battlecry 3 Source Code Available!

Fair point Tom. Many of them are, very likely, hackers of some degree or the next. Most, if, in fact, not all, of our past problems, however, came from the general public, rather than the Signing NDA members. If there was any one thing I truly regret about the project, it was ‘going public’ up on the original forum to the private forums’ home (Cheeseportal). From that point on, there were countless problems involving hackers/crackers/smackers, & God knows who else. We are, in fact, trying to fine tune a system for signers which will offer a much greater level of security to people who want to join but have reservations about just that sort of thing, but…for me, at least, I don’t see that this will be a rapid development. I think having a positive attitude is really the more important thing to the project, itself. (Reaching into the internet gaming culture has certainly provided an education to me) People like to make their own changes, which is what we’re really looking at, in the long term…making modding something that is more or less user friendly to people who don’t want to deal with any actual programming, & testing the waters from there to see how much further we can go without violating our agreements.

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Another fair point. It REALLY REALLY can get extremely frustrating for those who work for exactly the reason’s you’ve described only to have to continually take it up the rear end for one person or the next to have an ego issue. We must have been writing our responses at about the same time, since I totally missed your post. At one time, we had what appeared to be a very even forum of modders who worked from their hearts to try to help people out…I try to take a very ‘cold’ approach to things, myself, but I can certainly relate to that point, & I think that your mindset represents another camp of individuals who make for great modders.

I often tell the ‘new recruits’ that the philosophy ought to be pretty simple…
Some people are going to love what you do, some people are going to hate it…its really only that simple, for a Modding Community. As much as I’d love to see the Modding Community take on a Highly Professional bent, I doubt that the unpaid hobby work will ever find us the phenomenal art talents of many of the more modern games.

WBC is a great series, though, & one I think will always remain a ‘Cult Classic’. My kids love it, & its not too graphic or over adult for younger ones, either, which makes it a great hobby pursuit.

I’ll say that I’ve definitely given up hoping to impress the community with my own works, but I do enjoy the hobby, in spite of any negative feedback. We try to remain positive about it, and the ‘core group’ if you will, pretty much realizes that this project’s mortality depends on a lot of factors. We’ll be loosing some of our members for university, or marriages, etc, but, knowing that creative people have the means to come out with a new patch, mod, or what have you, makes it kind of a nice thing for us to know.

Spreading the seeds is really what we’re looking for. Input, sharing ideas, & supporting one and other to help make them happen.

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Excellent. Looking forward to hearing about what people can create using the source code.

I know I’m enjoying Fall From Heaven I and II. Hopefully WC3 can bring something as good if not better.

Thanks for the Vote of Confidence, VR! We’re very hopeful for the future, especially around Winter time, when outdoor pursuits don’t take precedence over the VG masses.

If you know anyone interested, I hope you’ll send them our way. I’m actually on my way out for good, now, until August (Been saying that at battlefield for weeks, but, life is finally catching up with me, & I can’t ‘hold the gates’ any longer.) Maestorak is the man in the know for getting a copy of the source code now, & hopefully, he’ll be hearing from more people soon.

Once again, there is no need to sign the Non Disclosure Agreement for any ‘art related’ work, so, if you know any renderers who like to try & put their own personal spin on the game, please send 'em our way.

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Just a quick update. Thanks to these, & other forums, we now have another 4 coders for the project. Thanks Tom!


ARTIST acknowledges and agrees to comply with the requirement that no smoking is to occur on INFINITE’s main premises.

Glad we got that out of the way.

Steve’s sense of humor at work :)

Its one of those little laughs about the project in general.

Until bigger things develop, (and they are on the way soon), people have tended to be pretty good about things, in general. There’s always at least one ultra cynical person in the bunch (we’d expect no less, since it is the internet, after all), but, there are plenty of supportive types who’ve offered their moral support, as well as an ‘unofficial’ hand to the project.

Someone wrote us a while ago telling us that we ought not to try to treat modding as a ‘mark up’ language. Its an interesting point for a good debate. On the same note, we’ve been seeing lots of licensed & official companies making modding a selling point of their games.

Our community is still pretty small, but we expect that to change around August or so. If not, we’ll probably call it quits after Christmas, but still have lots of people with independent & loose connection keeping in contact at one point or the next.

BTW, whose mother do I need to save from a burning building in order to get rid of this “Bad Girl” thing underneath my name?

You have me on the verge of reinstalling Battlecry 3. Unfortunately, there are just so many great strategy games to play and so few hours in the day. I barely avoided reinstalling SMAC after we had a thread on that one…

It’s part of the hazing process, Jason. Suck it up and deal like all the other newbies! :)


Hazing? Dizzzzzgusting!

In all seriousness, though, I hope that we’ll hear from you in the future, Tom. Even if its just for a quick pop in to recommend your forums or what have you. It would be nice to get some more talents, especially in the art field, where we are sorely lacking to date. 3D renderers are absolutely the most needed (and, ironically, the only ones who don’t need to sign the NDA).

There’s often a discrepancy in ‘art direction’, if you will, in that many people don’t want to render unless they have a bit of creative control over the programming, which many of the current staff don’t really like. A competent artist-programmer would be the ideal leader for the next set of forums.

Anyway, thanks again for the vote of support & letting us have at your forums, Tom. I sincerely hope we’ll hear from you & many others from this forum in the future.

Jason Davis

Same thing here. One of the great undersung benefits of reading this site, IMHO.

Well, the project isn’t disappearing any time soon, &, even if it does, the tools will always be available, and its programmers will be working quietly toward the end of making nice ‘Lan Party’ mods & the like for a long time to come.

Don’t know what it is about the whole thing, but WBC Series is just one of those things. I think that it’ll always be a cult classic, at the least, &, even if not, it makes for a good shelf stuffer when that rare window of open time to kill comes about. Either way, just remember that its out there, & always welcoming new people.

Best Regards

I just started play WBC 3 again this week. I had to start over, lost old chacters because of hard-drive failure, but man-oh-man, i still love this game!

Glad to hear it Jim! :)

Tell your friends, and send em our way at the Battlefield. The Team is always looking for testers and advisers, (also no NDA required there) to try out the new things they do, like Data Paak Tech, & other things…Chances are, there are lots of latent talents out there who could help us make some serious engine changes. (Data Paak<—Finnish guy Programming)

Anyway, we’ll hope to hear from you in the future!

Best Regards & a Great Weekend to You!

Jason Davis
St. Povis the Insane

@Tom: Kee-riste! Pillow Talk? Couldn’t I just streak through the hallway or something?

Don’t worry, the pillow talk doesn’t last long.

Hahaha! Well, lets hope not. I’m practically elderly by gamer standards…Blegh!

Just wanted to say thanks, again. We’ve got 3 new modders coming on board, and some new artists.

If you or anyone you know has a gift for graphic art, the project could really use your help!

Thanks again, Tom, for letting us use your forums, & thanks to everyone else whose posted to help move this project along.