Warning about Yahoo domains

Loyal customer, but they have one of those $2.99 domain name deals, and they only disclose that it’s “new customers only” after you enter your credit card details, except in small print.

Very bad indeed.

How do you like the actual service once signed up though?

I’ve been signed up for a long time now, and have about a dozen domains.

To be honest, I joined because they were about the first big, accountable company that started selling domains cheap, though the price has floated back up since. I’ve stayed because the domain interface is quite pleasant to work with, and makes it straightforward to administer lots of domains.

The one problem is that they insist you put your personal information, as registered with Yahoo!, into whois. This means you cannot register a domain for a client, in the client’s name. You have to ask Yahoo! support to switch it over afterwards. They do have a very neat alternative: you can assign anyone admin rights to domains you buy, all they need is a Yahoo! account of some kind. So you can set up a customer with their own account with Yahoo! and simply set yourself as a “manager” for their domain.

I also have domains with Network Solutions (from back in the day) and they are merely OK. Their domain management console is fine, but what really annoys me is their ludicrious compulsory 15-character numerical usernames. Maybe they’ve fixed it in the last year or so.

Also, some with easyDNS. They have a very good domain management setup, but they are expensive. Worse, if you go too deep into the “add new services” setup but backout at the point of payment, they still “invoice” you and refuse to remove the “incomplete” transaction from your account. They don’t charge you – they just won’t let you ever forget about it, and it’s a blitheringly stupid way of trying to annoy you into buying something.