WARNO - The RTS Formerly Known As Wargame 4

This has a pause feature for single player skirmish mode, correct? Because it’s a nonstarter for me if not. I was never great with the micro on RTS and certainly haven’t gotten better with age.

There is, yes.

This is out now

As noted above, I got WARNO as early access. I very much enjoy it more than the previous Wargame series.

I WISH they had leaned a bit more to simulation than RTS balancing, but overall it plays well. For example if a unit seems to overpowered or underpowered, they often tweak its capabilities (like range, ROF, accuracy, etc) even if that means the capabilities are now quite divorced from real world function. I’d prefer to try to stick to real world function, but balance via unit cost or availability. OK, yes a bit of rivet counting.

I only play SP vs the AI. I have customized the battlegroups to my liking, and then set up battles using the skirmish mode. The AI is acceptable, and they have been working on it. Sure I wish it was even better.

The “historical” type preset battles are good, although I’ve not played them all yet. I’ve not played the Army General mode as it came out after BG3 launched and I’ve been distracted.

As its been EA, I have not installed any mods. Once the design stabilizes, I will likely look into some of the mods that add more realistic behaviors.

If you liked the Wargame series or are interested in Cold War company/battalion level battles, this is a great title.

Can you expand a bit on what you like more about this one? I’ve always been on the edge of enjoying past Eugen titles but have never quite gotten there.

I wanted to like this because I had enjoyed the Wargame series, but I feel like this is the one that really drove home just how “over” I am with frantic RTS gameplay. It’s not an issue in SP, but I always played these games with a friend and you can’t slow time there.

Probably just me getting older because I don’t think the game is any worse in that regard than the previous entries!

Versus Wargame, mostly lots of QOL improvements. The LOS tool is much improved, there are automations you can add to units (like assigning a howitzer to counter-battery, or assigning a snal group of units to defend a space), and as a single player, the ability to Save your game mid-battle.

There are other things, like how Batttlgroups work that are different than Wargame. And a few things I think work better, like leaders and helos and aircraft.

Certainly the graphics are better. And I think the focus on Cold War late 80s vs fully modern helps.

But all of this is small-ish changes relative to the overall design intent. If you have never liked Eugen games, I’m not sure anything here would change that. But if you have a specific thing you disliked, maybe I can provide a more precise answer

I re-read your question. I am SP only, but I looked and found that there was maybe a fie modification you could try

I have not looked to see if any workshop mods have this. But nothing official.

I will say WARNO is less micro-intensive than Wargame or even Steel Division 2, but its still a RTS and so an ability to change game speed is probably something you would want.

I think WARNO has slow down and active pause just like Steel Division does in SP, yes?

How is the single player campaign mode in the 1.0 version? I played a bunch of skirmishes a while back in early access, but decided to put it down for a while until a more structured mode was added.

Yes. And as a SP, I am constantly pausing, slowing, or speeding the clock. I just have no idea how that works in MP.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I went back to Steel Division 2 and played a couple of battles. SD2 has far more micro in my opinion than Warno. Many units, especially infantry, are far cheaper in SD2 so you end up with far more units on the board. There are, of course, configurations you can make to reduce the amount of points you get and I have played games with lower vs higher points giving smaller vs bigger battles.

The UI needs to do a better job of letting you know you have points to spend, and how to spend them. The worst part of these games which hasn’t changed at all in years and years is you are trying to micro a battle and suddenly realize you have 2000 points and then have to click through menus spending them, and then look back and the battle you were fighting is over and your units were wiped out.

Yes I know that’s part of the ‘git gud’ but its honestly the reason I give up on these games.

I completely agree if you are playing MP with no pausing allowed. Not my kinda game

As a SP, I just pause when I need to. I’ve played alot, so sometimes I do not need to pause but other times i need to think a bit about my plan.

As for help on what to deploy, this is a very comprehensive guide to WARNO including units and tactics

Yeah, it’s such a bummer. I get why they may want to limit that in a competitive PVP environment, but it sucks that the lack of time controls extends to just a friendly co-op game as well.

My friend and I enjoyed some AirLand Battle back in the day but even then it was just too fast for us to really enjoy it without frustration. I’ve become significantly worse with my tolerance of that kind of thing in the intervening years, though. It keeps me away from games I’d otherwise enjoy!

Me too!

The AI is not bad. So SP is an option.

Nice video here with some UI tips and explanation of his tactics. I’m still planning ot hold off for a sale on this one, if only because I have so many other games to play at the moment and this one will need a lot of time to devote to it.

Okay, I jumped in. Was replaying a bunch of Red Dragon and finally caved. Definitely want to see if the AI is a lot better in skirmish mode. But for a kid who cut his teeth reading Red Storm Rising and Team Yankee, this is like the game of my dreams.

Also, I was in the Bad Hersfeld area in 1990. So giddy as hell that’s the region in the game.

I need to pick it up. Just adding the Steel Division LoS tool to Wargame would’ve been enough for me.

I would be curious to hear your conclusions when you reach them!