Warranty Renewal Call

I just got a call from (702) 520-1307 on my cell phone. It was a pre-recorded message telling me my warranty on my car was expired and I should not make the mistake of driving without a warranty. I should press one to speak to and agent and two to be removed from the followup list. So I pressed one and the guy asked if I wanted to renew a warranty. I told him this was an unsolicited call to a cell phone, and he hung up on me instantly.

My car is a 1996. So what the hell is this? A phishing scam for CC numbers? There’s already a link with people wondering the same thing: http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-702-520-1307

Also how do people do reverse phone lookups now that Google has disabled it?

Reverse phone lookups? I usually use Whitepages.com

Sounds like you’re getting calls from these guys. Lots of investigation already going on in that thread, hope it helps.

Yeah, I just got two crank calls in two weeks from similar numbers. Funny part? I don’t have a car. Never had a car.

I erased 20 of these calls from your parents’ answering machine in Tahoe.

I get at least 2 calls a week from that number, what a pain.

Been getting them on my cellphone too. It’s rather annoying.

These suckholes have been calling me, too. I presses one to speak to a rep, and as soon as she figured out I wasn’t a sucker, she hung up.

If I was more motivated, I’d complain to the state attorney general.

I just got one of these calls a few minutes ago. This phone number was from Arkansas, and when I tried to call it back, I got nothing.

But I did report the number!

702 is Vegas so it’s probably BDR.

I dunno about Texas but in California you can complain to the AG over the web and they actually pay attention to it.

They are duping numbers from all over the states now. I got on their list somehow and I get several calls a week from them, never from the same number. I have taken to hitting 1 for an operator, queueing up Never Gonna Give You Up while it rings, and rickrolling them. I get to waste their time and annoy them, and it’s not like they were going to ever remove me from the list anyway.

Despite being on the UK Dont Call list we get loads on the land line to the point we tend not to pick it up, I certainly never answer it before 7pm as anyone who knows me will ring the mobile but generally we dont answer the land line at all. It’s there for cheap weekend and evening calls for people we know will ring or we’ll ring them. Worst case is we have to pick up voice mail and ring them back.