Warren Zevon is dead



Of course he has a lot of relevant songs…

I got a 38 special up on the shelf
If I start acting stupid I’ll shoot myself
And I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

A gentle rain
Falls on me.
All life folds back
Into the sea.
We contemplate eternity
In the vast indifference of heaven.

I went to the doctor
Said “I’m feeling kinda rough”
He said "let me break it to ya son,
“Your shit’s fucked up.”

… among many others.

In retrospect, “Don’t Let Us Get Sick” is eerie.

Damn, I knew it was coming, but I still wasn’t prepared.

Lets hope he becomes a headless thompson gunner.

[i]Sweet home Alabama, play that dead band’s song
Turn those speakers up full blast, play it all night long



I’ll miss him.