Warsaw: A Tactical RPG for PC, PS4, and Switch


Looks historically accurate!

That’s what I thought when I saw this screenshot:


I’m unsure it’s the correct setting for a Darkest dungeon clone, but I’m willing to be proven wrong.


I tend to shy away from games with heavy war themes, but the trailer is beautiful. Still, the way they did the logo…I expect there to be mechs that inexplicably all use circular blades of various forms.

Let’s not be too jaded and judgy. It’s a known fact that the Germans used Mecha with circular blades and lasers to put down the Warsaw Uprising. Who’s to say that the resistance couldn’t have captured a few? Wajda captured this in his groundbreaking film Kanal (though he never quite explained how the Resistance managed to replenish the anti-matter pods given to the Nazis by the Alpha Centaurans, but hey, artistic license). I think we should cut the designers some slack.

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Not too far off.

I’m expecting the first half of the game to be great… at least up until the Panzerkleins.


(c. 2003 nerd rage)

This game is currently free on Twitch Prime. Is it any good?