Wartales looks nice

Now you have my interest.

There is a demo, and a small RPS article

This recently got an EARLY ACCESS release date: December 1. I usually don’t buy into early access but this one looks so darn good I might break the rule.

I tried that demo when it first showed on Steam and it had a real Tech demo vibe. That said, I’m all about anything Battle Brothers-like. I don’t care how much they rip it off or don’t. I’ll wait for some early returns on the EA version and if they are reasonable and the game has some substance already, I’m all in.

Yep, I wouldn’t dream of buying into early access on this one until someone confirms they spent the last several months working on UX and presentation polish.

Positive EA-review (preview?) from RPS.

If, like me, you have huge appetite for a sandbox-like ‘run a mercenary company’ experience but are also wary of leaping in at the beginning of early access . . . I recommend checking out Sands of Salazar whilst waiting for Wartales to progress.

Sands has been in early access for yonks already, and is just about to exit, into it’s 1.0 full release version. I have spent about 30 hours in game during early access and the best way for me to describe it is as . . . . Mount & Blade in dessert / vaguely oriental setting, 3rd person isometric style, with MOBA-like battles. There is a central narrative to follow in tandem with exploring, trading, and questing, and there is also an option to disable this, and just play pure sandbox.

Is it accurate to say this is like those Dynasty Warriors games? (EDIT: I’m replying to Lykurgos and Sands of Salzaar).

I have no more than a few minutes of playtime and watch-time exposure to Dynasty Warrior games so can only hazard a response to this.

I think there is a lot more open world and a lot more complex questing, and trading within Sands

Combat may also be both less spectacular, and less twitchy, since it is resolved in a somewhat real-time strategy like style, both via some simple standing instructions to unit types, plus direct control of your own character, viewed in a mostly top-down typical RTS style, rather than the over the shoulder 3d character movement and fighting style of Dynasty Warriors.

I am like you.

THANKS for this. I had not heard of it.

Wartales discounted at $31.49…

Rock Paper Shotgun has some number of free codes for subscribers.

74 minutes in and the game froze, requiring a restart of the computer.

Anyone get a chance to play this evening? Really interested in impressions, especially compared to the demo.

I’m liking this a lot, 9 hours in according to steam. Had a few freezes but the patch they released today seems to have fixed that.

Compared to battle brothers, the combat feels more fluid since you play around with the character placement and enviroment more (traps, fire, poisons, etc) and from memory there is way more stuff to do with your companions with the crafting system and being able to spec them in different crafting classes and upgrading the camp with different workstations and benches.

I haven’t gotten much into the game since i restarted halfway into the first map “story” once i understood how to play the game. I don’t knwo if there is a second area after this one. Can’t compare with the demo because i didnt play it.

In the reviews someone wrote:

“is like Battle Brothers but with actual graphics, and without an RNG being an ass.”

Highlighted text is reason enough for a buy lol.

I think there are currently three regions available.

YES i forgot about that, there is no missing in this game. The only rng is the damage min-max.

If you lose a Battle here, you know it’s your fault.

I’ve played for three hours and… I like it! The pacing is rather slow which is fine. By that I mean movement on the world map is slow and skill progression seems fine to me. Whenever you encounter something that can teach you a profession, you have a chance to train someone in your party that profession. For example, when I entered a mine, I had a chance to train someone in mining. When I clicked on a piece of ore to mine it, a mini game came up where I had to click the mouse once an indicator made it to the center of the ring. For fishing, you have to hold the mouse button down to keep the fish indicator within two red bars. For blacksmithing, you have to click the part of the anvil that glows at just the right time (when it glows gold, I think). You can learn new recipes by buying them, winning them as rewards, or spending knowledge points you accumulate by simply exploring the world.
These little touchers are more than I expected for a game I thought would just be tactical combat on an open world. There are also quests you can take at the many locations around the world and a story unfolds as you begin to choose sides when taking certain quests.

Combat is very tactically oriented where you can see the turn order and, in some cases, the types of attacks your enemies can employ. You can also determine which of your mercenaries goes first, so the system rewards tactical thinking and planning ahead. I tend to be impatient and run up to guys to start bashing, but I’ve done better by taking my time to plan out my attacks and the order. The combat skills progress in an interesting way; at level 2 you can learn a single situational skill that rewards you when, for example, you place someone in a certain position, kill an enemy, or engage an enemy. At level 3 you get a really cool ability that adds more damage or boosts protection or morale, in addition to an ability to use better equipment, like equip heavy armor. This means you can specialize your mercs as they progress. For example, I have one warrior who I made a protector whose special ability boosts defense. I have another warrior who I made a berserker who gets an extra attack per turn. The use of these skills costs action(?) points, which you get back by resting or by performing one of those level 2 skills I mentioned above. So, what I thought was a simplistic combat system (you only have one attack type at level 1) gets much more interesting at higher levels.

I like the animations and graphics, and also other touches like the ability to have animals, customize your camp, find resources in the world, and other cool little things. As someone who generally avoids early access, I find this one very fun to play in its current state. No crashes so far, knock on wood, and right now you are limited to three world map areas (they are hand-crafted, not randomly generated) and mercs are limited to level 5. So far, so good.

Thanks for the feedback! All good to hear.

Wow, nice write-up!