Was signing off for a bit, and needed to say thank you. But back now!

Been trying to write this post for the last hour. It turned into an essay so I deleted it as I can’t seem to say anything right. Will keep it short:

I’m sure everything will be fine tomorrow, but I couldn’t go into surgery without saying thanks for being my best friends, for helping my see value in my life, and for the amazing support I often felt so unworthy of. This tumor thing could have broken me before I even got to surgery seeing as I’d just had the worst month of my life. You helped get me to a good place, and this has made everything OK.

I love you guys (and gals). Thanks.

I’ll be thinking of you! You’re in great hands and I’m sure you’ll be back here with frog pictures before you know it!

Best of luck tomorrow Jeff! We’re all pulling for you. Skip said he’s hoping to be able to visit you later this week when he’s back so looking forward to hearing about it.

Good luck, Jeff!

Good luck. Sounds like a great doc.

Love you, @jpinard. Catch you on the flip side.

We’re with you JP. Talk to you soon.

Best of luck with everything, Jeff. We’ll see you on the other side.

Good luck Jeff!

We’re with you in spirit. Sucks that there’s no such thing as astral projection, though, I’d love to stop by your room post-op for a cool conversation. 😀

We love you, Jeff. Talk to you when you’re back!

Prayers, Jeff. Your in God’s hands.

This one’s for you, Jeff

Looking forward to the spring frop update and thinking good thoughts, Jeff!

Wishing you a quick recovery. All the best!!!

Good luck, jpinard! Looking forward to many Ambien-induced posts in the future!

Holding thumbs for you! Hang in there!

Good luck Jeff! We are rooting for you! hugs

Good luck JP. I am counting on hearing from you when can!

I’ll be thinking of you and eagerly waiting for your return.