Washington DC statehood passes House

Are we not discussing this?

Isn’t this DOA in the senate?

Because it stands basically zero chance of getting through the Senate?


Is it? I thought it only required a simple majority in Senate.

I just assumed it was going to be filibustered and since it’s not a budget bill that can pass via reconciliation it’s going nowhere.

In theory a simple majority. In practice, I think they can still filibuster it.

Damn, I guess we are jinxing each other all day!

I think jinxing the jinxes is like crossing the streams!

Oh shit, does that mean the StayPuft marshmallow man is coming?

That depends. Are you a god?

Well, I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night!

It’s subject to the 60 vote cloture rule. So it’s dead, I guess.