Wasteland 2's definitive edition may be on a console

Title Wasteland 2's definitive edition may be on a console
Author Nick Diamon
Posted in News
When March 3, 2015

http://youtu.be/BpKUqHlOIDI Wasteland 2 is coming to Xbox One. The inXile Entertainment crowd-funded sequel to Wasteland that launched on PC last year is getting a makeover for its console appearance..

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Isometric ARPGs where you control a single character and are primarily making the same attack over and over, maybe. And even then they had to make some modifications for the controller to work. Party-based tactical RPGs are doable but the controller is hardly ideal.

I've been wanting to play this but my pc can't handle it. Kinda bummed it's only for xbox at the moment. No mention of exclusivity though, so fingers crossed for a ps4 release down the line.

Turns out that down the line is later this summer

XCOM was best with a controller. Wasteland is fully turn-based, so seems doable. It'll be interesting to see what changes they make to things like view distance.