Watch Amazon's new tv pilots for free

Amazon has put up a bunch of pilots for (potential?) new series they’re producing. And you can watch them for free!

You can leave reviews and feedback so this is your chance to have some input on the type of junk you like to watch. There’s 6 kids shows and 8 adult shows. has a blurb about it too, read it there, and if you want capsule summaries of the shows, there’s another Deadline article here.

The shows are:

Creative Galaxy
Positively Ozitively
Sara Solves It
Teeny Tiny Dogs

Alpha House (with John Goodman): wacky US Senators
Betas: Silicon Valley app developers
Browsers (with Bebe Neuwirth): interns at a news website
Dark Minions (with Clancy Brown): animated series about slackers working on an interstellar starship
Onion News Empire (with Jeffrey Tambour): wacky people working at the Onion
Supanatural: 2 divas are humanity’s last hope against the supernatural
Those Who Can’t: bad teachers
Zombieland: continues the movie characters & world


Nice, thanks!

What an awesome and modern idea. There have been so many interested pilots produced over the years that I would have loved to have seen; now I can see new pilots and - what’s more - have an impact on whether or not they’re picked up. THE FUTURE, GENTLEMEN!

Watched and enjoyed Zombieland. I do wish they’d thought up new characters and not recast the parts from the film, but I can easily see this scratching the same itch that Death Valley on MTV did. So, I hope they pick it up.

Ugh, I’m watching Alpha House (a bunch of Republican senators share a house in DC!). Only about 10 minutes in, but it feels like an uncomfortable misfire so far. The talent behind this makes it even more tragic. Gary Trudeau wrote it, and it’s got John Goodman and Bill Murray, the latter in the only funny scene so far. Unfortunately, it’s a cameo.

I agree. This is the future.

Only a matter of time before netflix amazon and others usurp conventional tv production houses to usurp the control of the cable company.

I just saw Alpha House and liked it more than Woolen did. Though I felt like the tone was uneven. But I did like both John Goodman and Clark Johnson. I’d watch that over lots of things that are on tv now, so I hope this one makes it. I saw that Bill Murray was in the credits, and I know you mentioned him, but I completely missed that he was the guy in the beginning.

I was pretty unimpressed with Zombieland. The opening was brilliant, but when it switched to the movie characters I thought it was really, really bad. In particular, I think Woody Harrelson must have ad-libbed or had some input on his character’s lines, because the writing for the same character was so, so much worse in this. I ended up turning it off while the kids were awkwarding it up in the furniture store.

I watched less than a minute of Dark Minions. Realizing that it was going to be shitty 3d animation killed my interest before I even got to sample the writing. If you’re on a limited budget, go with 2d CG produced in Flash or similar. It doesn’t show the lack of time/talent nearly as much.

So yeah, my complaints pretty much boil down to “these pilots were pilots!” and I understand that. I’ll still keep an eye on this but I think I’ll wait until they’ve sunk some money into the development so I don’t get a bad impression.

Supanatural may be the most idiotic thing I have ever seen. Also hilarious.

Zombieland really feels like it miscast its two male leads. Tallahassee just lacks the wacko charisma of Woody Harrelson and Columbus feels like he’s trying to do an awkward Eisenberg, where Eisenberg just effortlessly oozed awkwardness.

I also know that the gag is that any survivors they run into die horribly within minutes of meeting them, but it was already getting old by the end of this episode.

It also seems weird that Amazon is going all comedy, and half-hour comedy at that. As Hercules from Aintitcool has pointed out, if you want respect in the content business, you need to do some kind of drama, even a token drama.

I actually liked Zombieland, but I felt it was hamstrung by a low budget-- zombie makeup effects are expensive, and as such, you get a lot fewer zombies in a lower budget production that you would from say, the Walking Dead. Also, since Zombieland was originally written as a TV series that was adapted to a movie, having it go back to TV series has a nice symmetry to it.

I didn’t really care for Dark Minions all that much; awkward transition between storyboard to occasional CGI aside, I didn’t think it did anything that Space Janitors didn’t already do better (and in live action, too!).

I like the idea, and the scenes I thought were pretty funny. But I cannot for the life of me stand much of the voice talent.