Watch Dogs 2 - Ubisoft's other open world IP returns

Hello world:

More revealed on June 8th

So… nobody is waiting for e3 then?

If only the managed to write a good script this time around. Not holding my breath though.

I…don’t think that’s how phones work…

That’s okay. The phone in the first game was basically a magic wand anyway.

That person has very large hands!

That’s one of the worst teasers I’ve ever seen.

I bet there’s actually hidden stuff in the text or images flashing by and Ubisoft hoped the internet’s love for ferreting out clues would kick in and do some viral marketing for them.

Unfortunately, no one cares enough to go over the video with that much effort.

I still can’t believe this mediocre overhyped snoozefest got a sequel. I’d assumed people learned their lesson the first time around, who do they expect to buy this entry?

I liked the gameplay in Watch_Dogs, mostly. My issues were mostly with storytelling, characters, and some aspects of gameplay.

I was hoping for a sequel that would solve the issues and make the gameplay shine, so I’m cautiously excited about Watch_Dogs 2. Of course, they might make it even worse, but I’m hoping it will be better than the previous one.

One of the mocap actors for this game leaked this image a few weeks ago:

If that’s the main character, Ubisoft will have succeeded at making the protagonist look even douchier than the first game.

I always enjoy how positive people are on this forum about new games!

That video was shit.

It could be worse, his hat could be backwards. :p

Watch Dogs was a very competently executed Ubisoft Game. It wasn’t shit to play at least on PS4 and I can’t complain about my money’s worth. I liked a lot of the visual and audio design. The problem is that it was charmless and cold and a bit creepy in certain aspects. It was released in a post-GTAV world and it paled in comparison, even with a generational leap to its advantage.

I’m interested in a sequel but that video didn’t do anything for me.

It’s a braille phone.

I am hoping they learned lessons from the first game to make this one much better. Watch Dogs did some neat things and fixing what wasn’t liked previously could make this a great title.

Watch Dogs 2: Bland Harder

Looks like 11/15 launch date. This banner popped up on IGN early today and was quickly taken down.

I got Watch Dogs for free, and I didn’t like it but I only gave it a few hours to grab me. It controlled… oddly, iirc, or something. I can’t remember why I didn’t like it. Worth revisiting?