Watch Dogs 2 - Ubisoft's other open world IP returns


I think I just have to buy this one. Watch_Dogs was almost there, in my opinion. Also, Watch Dogs takes place in San Francisco, which is the only major US city I have visited, so I’m curious about the digital version of it.



Based on this preview, the opposite seems to be true:


Yes, but Ded-sec isn’t an ironic spit-take on movie hackers. The group and characters are supposed to be real hackers working for a just cause that you’re meant to sympathize with. Take GTAV. Franklin, Michael, and (to a lesser extent) Trevor aren’t supposed to be hip caricatures of criminals. You’re by and large supposed to take them seriously, despite the world being filled with anal sex jokes and goofball physics.


Not to mention amateur dentistry.


There’s a mission in Watch Dogs 2 that features a character that’s obviously based on Martin Shkreli, the rapacious pharmaceutical CEO and esports fan, that got infamous for kicking off the wave of prescription drug price increases. Polygon recorded the mission to show off how topical and hip Watch Dogs 2 is in comparison to the first game.

Shkreli caught wind of it and decided to stream himself watching the video of the mission.


I’m not giving that fuck-tard a click. (I presume the YT link goes to his channel?)


Yes. That’s why I typed out as much of the story as I could. His summary is the tweet.


Oh, good. Now we can expect Ubisoft to give exclusive shit to Twitch Prime.

Twitch Prime members will get a bundle of in-game content for Watch_Dogs® 2 including the following:
Twitch-themed Hoodie character skin
Exclusive XP boost
Pixel Art customization pack of skins for character, vehicle, weapon, and drone
Guts, Grit, and Liberty customization pack of skins for character and vehicle[/quote]


I was wondering when we’d get some details of this season pass.



That’s even less appealing than the WD1 season pass, the only worthwhile part of which was the Bad Blood expansion. Or the AC4 season pass, the only worthwhile part of which was the Freedom Cry expansion.

Maybe if it’s ever on sale for 60 or 75% off. And even then, it’s just a maybe purchase. Skins, outfits, “special” cars, and co-op modes are worthless filler.


Man people pre-ordering the season pass of the sequel to watch dogs 1. how quickly they forget.


Pre-orders are “below expectations” for this game.

The open-world computer-hacking adventure Watch Dogs 2 is failing to generate as many preorders as Ubisoft was expecting, Guillemot said during his call with investors. That is likely one of the key reasons the company revised its full-year guidance down from $1.89 billion (1.7 billion euros) to a range of $1.79 billion to $1.86 billion for the 12 months ending March 31. Ubisoft explained that it was making this adjustment “to factor in more conservative sales projections for the second half” of its fiscal year.

At the same time, Ubisoft raised its guidance for its operating income from $255 million (230 million euros) to a range of $255 million to $278 million. It explains that dichotomy by pointing to the success of its digital business, which would inherently have fewer overhead costs.

Finally, Guillemot also alleviated investor concerns that Watch Dogs 2 could flop. He says that he believes gamers are uncertain about the quality of the sequel compared to the original. The CEO expects that many consumers aren’t preordering so they can take a wait-and-see approach and then jump in to buy it when they see positive reviews.[/quote]


I think he’s pretty spot on there about the hesitation. We’ll see if he’s right about the positive reception. I haven’t even bothered to view any of the videos that Telefrog has been posting in this thread, since I found the first one so mediocre.

It’s still my most disappointing game ever, I think. Maybe tied with Master of Orion 3.


Heh. I mean, it’s clear they took the hint that WD1 was a sour, grey, boring game and now they are putting FUN! inside WD2, more close to the crazy and fun characters from GTA. It’s clear in the previews we had until now, but it’s funny to me that philosophy can be seen even here, in just a pamphlet of the season pass. Just look at the visual design on that image. Purple headers! Blues, purple and green! Rainbow painted car, orange clothes!


I’ll jump in when the gold edition is $25 on Amazon. :p

I really dislike the l33t hip hacker style they went with for WD2.


Yes Ubisoft tell me how I can pay more money than necessary to wear hip clothes in a fantasy about subverting corporate culture.


@Telefrog’s pretty excited about this game, right? That’s the impression I’ve gotten so far. You can clue the rest of us who are waiting on how it turned out.


I don’t know if “excited” is the right word, but I am curious.

I disliked Adrian, the faux Chicago, and the driving from the first game.

From what I’ve seen so far, I think the faux San Francisco looks really good. The driving is supposed to be better. The drone stuff looks nice.

I’m not getting the season pass though.


I would have pre-ordered if they had let Best Buy give a $10 bribe, like they did for BF1, TF2, and IW. But they didn’t, so what’s my hurry? Ubisoft games do not hold their price point for long, and I can wait until March when it’s under $30 if I need to.