Watch Dogs Legion - It's London baby!

Officially confirmed:

I will buy this, perhaps on day 1.

The first game was boring. The second game was much better, but became tedious halfway through. Maybe the third time is the charm.

You have to credit them with sticking with their series.

Yeah, WD1 was peculiarly charmless and dull, despite being very pretty. I really enjoyed WD2 to the end though, so I’m definitely in for this, even if it’s just to tool about in an open world London. I wonder how big the map will be - hoping for inside the M25 circle, but that might be expecting too much.

Agreed, so far, the series improved as it went on, but I also quit WD2 before the end.
After sever nights spent awake playing the game, my mouse hand just couldn’t handle petting any more doggos.

I’m playing WD2 right now and REALLY enjoying it, so definitely interested in this.

I hope there’s some kind of portal to the Victorian London from Syndicate. Or one of the NPCs you can play is a slightly confused Evie Frye. Was it Syndicate that had portals to the (WW2) future anyway? She could pop through one of those.

Wait a minute… that doesn’t make sense…

According to early reports, you can use voodoo tech magic or whatever to jump into and take control of NPC bodies.

Sure, but then they aren’t NPCs.

I imagine it’ll be like Driver: San Francisco, which was WONDERFUL.

And also an Ubisoft game!

These last few years I’ve been mostly playing Ubisoft games, other than Far Cries which I have zero interest. Virtual London is my cup of tea, like virtual San Francisco. What is going on?! Did Ubisoft put something in my water???

Although a few more years ago I was mainly playing EA games: ME, Dragon Age, Dead Space.

I enjoyed the lone wolf aspect of WD1 and hanging out in those covert hi-tech shipping containers. WD2 is a great game once you get into the groove of it. Looking forward to hacking London.

One of the worst part of WD1 was the cool looking train yard base that served almost no purpose and you visited like 3-4 times. :(

I haven’t touched WD2 yet, but its next on the backlog list!

WD2 was a lot of fun. I do need to play through it again, I think. Played through it twice, although I don’t know if I missed any DLC. It’s well worth pulling that one out of the backlog - it’s so much better than WD1 was.

Oh it looks good, so good.

Buying it day 1? Maybe!

The gameplay demo at the conference was killer.

And this game is being directed by Clint Hocking, who hasn’t shipped a game since Far Cry 2.

Far Cry 2 ruined everything great about Far Cry 1.