Watch Dogs Legion - It's London baby!

The multiplayer patch has been pushed back to 2021.

As part of our commitment to fixing the game’s issues, we’ve decided to delay the Online mode of Watch Dogs: Legion to early 2021. This will allow us to focus on fixing issues with single player, and it will give us more time to test the Online experience to help ensure a smooth launch of the mode.

The link goes to a 404 for me :/

Sorry for that. I’ve updated the link so it should work now.

All good now :) I wondered if any of the gameplay systems were being massaged but it seems not.

One of the various undercooked areas was the borough uprising system, which didn’t yield anything beyond ‘special’ characters. I didn’t notice any other changes to the environment - I wonder if the checkpoints along the roads do or should behave differently on liberation, say. There should also be some kind of victory condition when the last one is done surely.

Maybe this could also somehow soak up all those characters you recruit that you aren’t playing somehow.


I’m glad I played this as part of the Ubiplay sub, because while it has its moments, it mostly kind of sucks.

This is $25 at Costco for members. XB1X / PS4 only. Less than half price , exactly 30 days after release. Bomba?

Yeah - Its a shame really, that the streamlining of recent ubisoft games leads to less than interesting games.
I REALLY hope this will not be the case with the upcoming Far Cry game!

Surely Far Cry is where that all started.

You may be right - I wasn’t really into Farcry until Primal and 5 and 5.5 all of which I REALLY loved :-)

Streamlining isn’t necessarily bad, it’s all in how it’s done. Streamlining that improves systems or interfaces, removes unnecessary busy work, and dumps stuff that detracts from the core experience is good. Streamlining that dumbs down stuff, not so much.

True, thats what I meant by

edited out me complaining about how the latest AC game and this one has been streamlined to death in my opinion.

I’m slightly more sanguine about the recent Valhalla game–I mean, yeah, I’ve pacified England and really don’t have the drive to try to finish off the rest of the crap, but I got 100+ hours out of it–but in general, I agree. So many things in both these games feel like the Potemkin Village of gaming–nice facades, nothing behind the painted wallboard.

Interesting thread about the technical fuckups of this game’s PC version.

Just terrible…

This is the definition of a B game - which is sad because they certainly spent a lot of person-hours crafting the urban setting. This is the first Watch Dogs game I’ve tried and maybe the best I can say about it is that it is interesting that non-violent or non-fatal solutions are preferred by the game systems. So it’s more interesting being an ordinary schlub and not wading through waste deep bodies being an immortal badass.

OTOH hacking is both so trivial and effortless that being an actual hacker falls to the side. Ubi hasn’t quite figured out the difference between being a hacker and being a Time-to-Crate flat footed thief.

You’re not really a hacker, you’re an infiltrator.

Anyone like @Scott_Lufkin want to compare performance of this to CP2077? Slightly related games with their ray traced cityscapes, no?

Looking back at my posts in this thread, on RTX Ultra/Ultra Settings and DLSS set to “balanced” I was getting a low 60’s at a min and sometimes as high as 80’s. Cyberpunk with the same (equivalent) settings, I’m seeing the (very) rare dip into the 58-60 range (I believe I saw this once in a while in Legion, as well), but generally it’s running in the mid to high 60’s, and sometimes into the 70s so I’d guess the average is around 10 fps less than Legion at most, though one thing C2077 does I love with the DLSS set to AUTO is lower the resolution a bit during driving or maybe (I assume, I have never seen it happen, during lots of action during combat), so I maintain high 60’s and into the 70’s while driving but it still looks excellent due to the fast movements blurring/hiding any lowered resolutions I may be otherwise seeing, and then returning me to a higher resolution when the action slows back down and I get out of the vehicle (or reduce speed).

I do believe, looking at images I posted in this thread and screens I grabbed from C2077, that Cyberpunk has nicer textures (at least on equivalent Ultra settings) - the world looks a little more dense and “lived in” here, seems like. It could just be I like the art and the imagantive world building in Cyberpunk more, admittedly.

TL:DR; in practice, they feel the same to me.

Thanks. That auto DLSS setting does sound nice. I wonder if it’ll become widespread, like dynamic resolutions.

I hope so - DLSS is really strong tech, I’d love it even in games (such as Warhammer 2) that lack RTX for example, just to boost performance for almost free.