Watching a documentary on HBO right now-How can I help?

Just tuned in in the middle so I don’t know the name. Kids not being able to go to school in MS because they can’t afford pencils and paper. Ah, shit!!

Probably shouldn’t post this here, but this is where I was when I started watching, so…

Anybody know any “charities” I could send some $$ to, where most would go to the people, not the charity?

Sorry if I violated some forum rule by posting this-this docu is just breaking my heart.

Never mind, I’ve gone back to my cynical self.

Heh! That was quick. Seriously, though, you can probably contact the MS Board of Education, which is online somewhere. Or, you can go to HBO’s website and look for info. They almost always have links to charities to help in these cases, or at least have the documentaries website, which will have the info.

Is there some reason why the parents can buy their children pencils? I had to buy my own when I was in school IIRC.

MS’s educational system is so lousy I’m not sure pencils would help.

But you know what would help? Making tax cuts to the wealthy permanent.

What happened in the course of that 53 minutes? Did they show how any money going to MS would just wind up in the hands of local warlords (aka politicians)?

See, this is the problem. As a human being, I would go down there in a minute and share what I have, and try to help. As a citizen, with responsibitlities of my own (although they are less than most, I suppose) and a tax burden and blah, blah, blah-what can you really do?

Time for the hippie, drug-sotted culture of the 60’s to re-emerge. We might have been addled by drugs, but we were not afraid of tomorrow. “Nah nah nah, live for today”

God, Guns, Drugs, and Rock’n’Roll!

Whatever you can. You don’t have to bail out the entire system single handedly.

It’s all BS… MS has a ton of money. Hell, Bill Gates makes more money in an hour than I’ll make in my whole life. And they can’t afford pencils?



I confess I have no idea what the hell MS is, but Microsoft did cross my mind at least once while reading this thread. What is MS?


(Where I received my high school diploma. And at that time (1983) my school actually had a computer science class with no computers, so I’m not sure why they think kids need pencils for English class.)

Yeah, but Mississippi has CASINOS! They were supposed to save EVERYTHING! Notice the roads, notice the schools, notice the infrastucture!

Seriously, I lived in MS for years and never figured out where all of the “tax money” from the casinos went. All the casinos seemed to do was make the poor even poorer.

btw, I think this is what you were watching:


Yeah, but you probably went somewhere like Brandon. At Forest Hill we had Crays (and this was in 1974.) And gold leafed books. ;)

Actually, I’ve got to say that in the couple of years I went to high school in Mississippi I didn’t seen any real difference from where we transferred from.

All the school superintendants are taking those new school revenues down to Biloxi and blowing them at the casinos. “C’mon dice, teacher needs a new set of pencils!”

Before I left MS in 1999, something like half of the elementary schools in the state HAD NO AIR CONDITIONING.

Now, you may think you know hot. Sure, St. Louis, Chicago, New York, etc. all get hot. Yeah, Phoenix gets real hot. But that’s junior varsity hot compared to the Mississippi NFL Hall of Fame hot. It is unbelievable. Even if you have AC it’s difficult to cool off. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to try and teach a group of kids in late-August with no AC.

If you inclined to commit a felony, here is the best reason to do it in a state besides MS: Parchman State Penn. No AC. For the rest of your life.

Decided to take the Mississippi schools tangent over to here.