Watching DVDs on X360 and HD LCD

I have tried the component (720p) connection between my 360 and lcd as well as the vga (1024x768) connection. The component looks considerably better even though supposedly it only allows 480p for DVDs . I was anticipating that the vga would look better as supposedly it upscales to 720p over vga. The vga picture looks grainy compared to the component picture. I’m new to HD and have only had the 360 for 4 months. Maybe there is something I’m missing for getting the best picture.

I have heard reports of the 360’s VGA connection having a “wahed out” image quality, not sure if that is what you’re experiencing but some people prefer component.

I don’t know why you’re using such a low resolution for the VGA. Is that the native resolution? If so, ouch.

It seems to vary by TV / monitor: some seem to have better component than VGA inputs, for whatever reason. If possible, it’s best to try both if you can.

The 360 is horrible for DVD playback to an HDTV. I think it does try to upscale, it just sucks at it. Ask Robert Heron for a better answer. I think he said they could fix it via firmware, and when they did, VGA would be the better connection as it wouldn’t limit upscaling.

Maybe that is my problem. My native resolution is 1366 x 768. I don’t remember there being a closer option on the 360s settings. The LCD in question is LG 37LC2D.

I just switched DVD playback to my 360 over my DVD player. It looks much better.

My DVD player is a few years old now, and only does 480p. So, my HDTV is doing the upscaling of the image to 1080i (or 720p?). Versus the 360, which does it’s own upscaling of the DVD to 1080i. The 360 looks better in my case.

Both are using component.

Honestly, this HD stuff is SUCH a pain in the ass. “I just want it to work an look good.” HAH!

You should definitely have 1360 x 768 as a VGA option. Stupid question, perhaps, but are you sure you’ve set your X360 for widescreen mode?

This reminds me, I’m thinking about buying a second 360 to hook up to my pc monitor. (claims that I’ve been hogging the TV playing some pinata game are CLEARLY an over exaggeration but I need to find a solution) The monitor is wide screen, 1680x1050. Is it going to look washed out or in a strange ratio compared to my 46" hdtv plasma? Its going to cost me $150 just to buy a second set of cables for this to work. Just wondering if it will be worth it.

It looks just fine on my 2005FPW, at that resolution. I selected the 1280x768 resolution (the contrast and brightness are way, way off at 1280x720 for some reason), the aspect-preserving scaling mode, and there are no aspect problems at all. Just some tiny, hardly-noticeable black bars at the top and bottom.

Not all monitors have that aspect-preserving scaling mode, though, so check on that first. There’s no resolution option that matches 16:10 perfectly.

I’m not an AV whore, but I have always been perfectly satisfied with my 360’s DVD playback quality.

I’ve heard that the 360 was much better than expected as a DVD player. I’ve got to think it is better than my $100 HTIB DVD player.

It’s not the upscaling per se that’s bad, it’s the video processing in general. The deinterlacing algorithm isn’t the best, there’s virtually no noise reduction, and there are some sharpness/detail issues.

It really sucks at the HQV test disc, but it subjectively looks a bit better than that with regular 'ol DVDs. Still not fantastic.

Interestingly, ATI has got some killer technology for this kind of stuff on the PC. The 360 doesn’t use it, though - the video hardware (as opposed to the graphics stuff) is a custom Microsoft chip. Some things it does very well, like scaling any graphics buffer size to any video output resolution. Other things, not so well.

I’m sure the 360 is capable of much better DVD playback quality, but it seems like it’s a very low priority on the “what should we sick the engineers on” scale. Unfortunately. :(