Watchmen is rated R?

Whoa, I just found out that the upcoming comic book movie, Watchmen, is rated R. Does that mean it’s, like, not for kids? You guys are probably already all aflutter about this in the Watchmen thread, but I’m not going in there because of spoilers from people who already read the comics.

I’m only partly trolling, but I do want to say this made my interest level shoot up by about 11%. Which is a good thing, since I already have tickets for opening night.


I’m guessing you haven’t read it, by your comments, but the Comic book was definitely not intended for children to read, so I’m in the camp that’s super happy that the movie got an R.

Yeah, it’s rated R because Dr. Manhattan’s junk is going to be all over the place. Get ready!

Go read the comic, Tom. I think the movie’s going to be good, but I doubt it will be as good as the comic.

Giant blue mandingo, midnight showing. I read the comic for the first time last week, first comic book I’ve ever read and I loved every frame of it. I am really psyched about this movie, god I hope it doesn’t suck.

Tom, the scene with the cyberwitch is gonna blow your fuckin’ mind and I’m not saying anything else for fear of spoiling it!

Ooooh, sexy!

I thought this had been known for a long time. Oh, it has, but Tom’s head is in the sand!

Seriously, if they stay faithful at all to the comic, then this MUST be R.

Yeah, it’s a pretty hard R, and not just for blue superwang.

As Wesley Crusher himself noted, “Dr. Manhattan’s Junk” would be a great name for a band.

I was looking at an article on this in either the NY Times or USA Today (at work, thank you) and they had these funny blue codpieces over Dr. Manhattan’s junk. It was very obviously frotoshoped, and hilarious.

Um, I think that “funny blue codpiece” is his junk. He can make it whatever shape he wants, remember?

I’m by no means a fanboi, Tom, and I haven’t read comics in decades, but I picked up Watchmen from the library, and it is fan-fucking-tastic. As a book, I mean. Just a great story, great characters, lots of little flourishes, and pretty much nothing along the lines of BOOM POW.



This has probably been done many times over, but I’m just now pondering the benefits of resizable junk.

This did not occur to me while reading the comic.

“They don’t call him Mr. Fantastic for nothing.”

It’s not the resizable junk that makes puts the man in Manhattan. It’s the ability to create physical copies of himself and be in multiple places at one time.

What besides Dr. Manhattan actually warrants a “hard R”? Nothing, if memory serves. It’s a disturbing story but as far as what is actually shown I don’t remember anything that would push it past PG-13 (again, besides Dr. Manhattan).

Slightly NSFW, and slight spoiler. Not sure if this is a screen grab from an early CGI of the movie, or just completely fake.

So, there you go.

But this movie will be rated R for more than blue wang. There are all kinds of disturbing adult themes and situations that go on.

In the screwy world of film ratings, that’s more (ahem) than enough.