Wavebird replacement parts?

Wasn’t really sure where to stick this question, so EE looks to be the best spot.

Several months ago, my gamecube was stolen (along with just about everything else in my house). I’ve replaced it with a Wii (hooray!), but the cable length on the GCN controller is a little too short for my tv room. I had 2 wavebird controllers which had the receivers plugged into the system when it got jacked. So I’m now left with 2 almost perfectly working controllers sans receiver. Rather than throwing out the 2 controllers and buying 2 more, is there anyway I can replace the receiver thingies?

As a side note, even buying a new wavebird looks to be a difficult task as nobody carries gamecube stuff anymore, it seems.

Durr… bluh… The one place I didn’t look: www.nintendo.com