Wax off for the last time

Pat Morita dies


What th-? Sheesh.

<sigh> how very sad…

Who will teach the grasshoppers of the world now?

(please don’t say David Carradine, faux Asian that he is.)

My mom used to take me to that same Golf N’ Stuff a lot as kid. When I saw it in the Karate Kid I was like woah that’s the same place!

Who will teach the grasshoppers of the world now?

50cent muthafukka!


His body may no longer be with us, but his spirit will always be.

J.C. Penny 3.98! Ha ha ha ha!

Wow. I thought for sure he was well into his 80s.

The quote from Maccio was priceless. For as ridiculously formula that Karate Kid was, it struck a cord in everyone that saw it that was my age. I remember the final crane kick in the theater, and the audience erupted in applause.

It’s still one of those movies that, if I’m flipping around the cable channels and nothing’s on, I’ll stop and watch for a while.

They should do a “where are they now?” thing for all those members of the Cobra Kai, like that one freak who constantly yelled things like, “YEAHHH, PUT HIM IN A BODY BAG!!!” from the sidelines during the fights. I wonder if he had any recognizable acting work after that movie?

IMDB is your friend.

If you’re talking about Dutch (I don’t remember who was yelling that), he’s the son of Steve McQueen, and starred in a bunch of movies of which I’ve never heard.

The kid who played Tommy ended his film career in 1990 in what appears to be softcore cable porn.

The kid who played Bobby didn’t fare any better, ending his career shortly after the release of Karate Kid II with only one other movie.

Jimmy took his co-star from TV’s Head of the Class to her senior prom. Since he is only 8 years older than her, it was only a little bit wierd.

The best of them all, Johnny is still working in film, apparently setting the B-List Action Film World on fire.

Mark Evanier has a small story about Pat Morita on his blog.

It was Bobby who yells the bodybag line, I believe. Another child actor from a beloved movie who ended up in porn is Flick from A Christmas Story.

No, Bobby was the “good” Cobra Kai that didn’t want to purposefully jumpkick Daniel in the side of the knee. He had the Luke Skywalker haircut, IIRC. It was the kinda scrawny blonde guy that kept screaming the most for blood, probably Tommy or Jimmy.

AKA the guy who played the Ahole in every 80’s teen movie… EVAR!!11!
(I knew those stupid VH1 ‘list’ shows would come in handy one day…)

I think the bodybag guy was in Fright Night. The guy who played Bobby was in Just One of the Guys (a movie I have seen 30 times or so…for some reason). He has been in other things as well, but I can’t remember them right now and don’t feel like databasing him.

Wow. Dutch is not only the son of Steve Effing McQueen, but he studied martial arts under Chuck Norris. I wonder if he ever called Chuck Norris “Chuck Norris”.

He and Steve also studied under Bruce Lee for a time, if I recall correctly.