Way of the Samurai Sequel

Woo! I know a couple folks played the original including Tom and dug it. With a larger gameworld and more branches to the path, this is one game I’m definitely looking forward to.


They missed the tie-in to Tom Cruise’s new movie.

I just pray to god that we’ll be able to SKIP THE FUCKING CUTSCENES!!!

I was all into building up my character and finding new swords and unlocking characters and trying different storyline paths until I realized I was going to have to rewatch the same goddamn cutscenes over and over in all their awkward stilted plodding lack of glory. At which point I completely lost interest in it as anything other than a nifty alternative to the same old multiplayer fighting games.


I’m no gore hound but I was dissapointed you couldnt do any really nasty sword thingies. I want to be Lone Wolf in a samuari game, he has arms and legs and torsos-a-flyin’ when he fights. I felt like I was fighting people with a really dull sword.

I liked the Taurus character. African-American samuri with 'fros were a fact of life in 18th century Japan. :) Neat game but after a while I did start getting repetition fatigue myself. The aesthetics were cool, the concept very impressive (the first couple plays at least), and the fighting ‘felt’ like swordfighting (or kenjutsu) moreso than any other game I’ve played. I’d probably pick up the sequel or, more likely, rent it for that first time through before the whole looping puzzle-plot drives me to distraction again.