Way to go, Chet!


What happens when a man without a life of his owns stalks a game developer for over 5 years? The game developer keeps making more and more games, the stalker looks more and more pathetic.

On a page where he controls every piece of content and can slant and twist his cyber stalking to whatever way puts him in the best light, the best Bill Huffman can manage is to make himself look completely insane.

As an added bonus, the only site who would host him was a furry site, which hates furries and features a ranting comic who is going through puberty.

I’m happy for Huffman to continue his creepy obsession somewhere besides Quarter to Three, plently pleased when he comments on things besides Derek Smart here (which he does occasionally, and which are nice to read), and uber-thankful for giving us all that awesome dinosaur jpeg thread and all, but I hope Chet can muster his legion of PoE sycophants to finally eliminate this stupid phony-PhD shit from our forums permanently.

For the record, I don’t really think Derek has a PhD either, but then again, I stopped caring about three months after I started and I was pretty retarded caring even that long.

Great job, Chet!

It all comes down to the fact of : Even if you dislike Derek, I can’t imagine anyone liking Bill.

Several years of his life dedicated to hating Derek and wanting to prove his PhD is fraudulant. This has to be the most worthless campaign in human history. The childrens crusade made more sense than this.

As nature abhors a vacuum, McMaster abhors a troll even more.

I have blathered in a pseudo-Derek defense now and again. Mainly because of my complete disbelief that the whole thing continues.

I can only hope that the one good thing has come from this kind of neverending looniness on the internet. Maybe it has prevented like-minded, fixated weirdos from loading up a gold-plated A to the muther-fuckin’ K-47 and taking out a city block.

I like to think of McMaster and Tyjenks as the Mary Kate and Ashley of Q23. They’re always together-- and super hot jailbait.


You know Sparky, I’ve heard they taste like chicken.

…mmm, curly fries…

I put Bill Huffman in the same category as The Grand Poobah Of Insane Flight Simmers - Galen Thurber.

Without the Internet these type of loonies would shrivel up and go away.

I think that’s about to be a very happy T-Rex…

i realize the flameage never really got started in this thread, but i LIKE dinosaurs dammit!

THE LAND BEFORE TIME - EPISODE IX: JOURNEY TO BIG WATER. Heavy sky water is falling upon the land, creating big floods. The sky water seemed to last a while but finally went away and the sun came out. Littlefoot immediately wanted to play with his friends, but Cera was busy helping her surly father move a fallen tree. Ducky and Spike were moving away from the water with their mama and Petrie had a cold in his beak so Littlefoot was alone and bored. He decided to journey off on his own and discovered waterfalls pouring more water into the valley. Littlefoot showed the adults this and they knew this wasn’t good. That water came from the Mysterious Beyond which meant it could’ve brought in unfriendly creatures. Littlefoot met one of these “unfriendly” creatures: a dolphin-like swimmer named Mo. Mo was separated from his family who lived in the big water (ocean) and was brought here. Something else had come with him: a large swimming Sharp-Tooth! Littlefoot introduces Mo to Cera, Spike, Ducky and Petrie. They all liked him, except for Cera who was envious. Littlefoot wanted to help his lonely new friend so he decreed they would help him get back to the big water. Petrie flew on ahead and found the big water! But the trek on foot proved difficult, especially when a giant earthshake shot rocks up from underground and divided the land, trapping the kids on one side and home on the other, but they pressed on.

The adults went out looking for the missing kids; luckily, the earthshake trapped the swimming Sharp-Tooth, walling him up in a cave. The journey began to get long and boring. Mo was playing jokes on his friends and having a good time, which made Cera very angry. Before long, the swimming Sharp-Tooth found a way out of his cave; Littlefoot and friends encounter a swarm of crickets who tell Mo the big water was getting close. Cera has an encounter with a crab and soon it begins to pour sky water again. The Sharp-Tooth surfaces and tries to eat the kids. Mo to the rescue! He lured the Sharp-Tooth away and soon they were gone. When the sky water was over and the sun came out, Littlefoot and friends were distraught over Mo’s disappearance, but he soon came back and before long they made it to the big water! Littlefoot took a look under the water and saw the glorious sites of the plants and animals under the sea. Mo is reunited with his water kin, who point a path home for Littlefoot and friends which is beyond the smoking mountains. They’re soon home and reunited with their families again.

Can I play?

Ooh, 3 quatloo bonus for Cathcart!

heh, good one cathcart!

huh. Is your dino lifting its leg to pee or is that supposed to be a tail?