Way to re-install WinXP without having to update again?

Is there a way to do a re-install of windows XP(fresh with a format) but save all the dl’ed updates so you don’t have to re-download them all again? Like a folder that has them so windows can look there to get them again, or do you have to go though the online update again if a fresh install is done.

I think you’re out of luck there. However, it is possible to save the downloaded files to a folder so that you can burn them onto a CD for use on a PC that doesn’t have a broadband or network connection. Go to Windows Update, and choose Windows Catalog on the left-side menu. You can download all of the critical updates to a folder from there. Since this still requires downloading the files again, I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for.

Edit: Well, I guess you could just ask someone with a broadband connection to grab the files and burn a CD for you.

This is why we’re bitching about Microsoft delaying SP2 till next year. I slipstreamed SP1 into my Windows XP CD and burned a new Windows XP SP1 CD, which means that when I reinstall, it’s already got all the pre-SP1 updates built in. But SP1 was released last year, so you have to download about 50 MB of new updates.

Best thing I can recommend, though, is to make a slipstream SP1 CD. Reinstall. And then just download the post-SP1 updates first thing through Windows Update.

Microsoft said that it was going to make SP for XP a 12-month deal, but they changed their mind and now it’s going to be an 18-month wait. A lot of the hard core Windows folks are pissed off about that.

How do you do this?


How do you do this?[/quote]



Worked like a charm, thanks!

Ok, thanks for the tips.