Wayfinder: Joe Madureira art ARPG

Anyone playing this? The closed beta just started

Nope, but I’ve had my eye on it since the Force Gaming preview a few weeks ago. He presents it as Destiny + Warframe mashed up in a fantasy universe. That’s super appealing for me.

This is made by Airship Syndicate. They made Battle Chasers and Ruined King which are great. Apparently they’ve teamed up with the Warframe folks to make this. I’ve loved their games so I’m somewhat optimistic. I’ll have to see what their monetization model is.

There’s initially going to be 6 heroes you can choose to play as. These are gender locked and appearance customization may be therefore limited. Looking forward to finding out more about the game.

So which is it? Is it an arpg or MMORPG?

I still consider the third person combat ARPG

What do you call Destiny 2? It’s that.

Ah, FPS. Got it.

Thanks for sharing this. Warframe was my favorite approach to F2P and I found the system fun and addictive. Hope they can find a similar hook in the ARPG space


The developer considers it an MMO, though it is clear it will make heavy use of instances and generated content. I think Warframe is the correct analogue here, especially since DE is the publisher.

This explains it pretty well. Thread title made me think of Grim Dawn or Torchlight, but the footage looked like a mobile multiplayer game, so I was a bit confused at first.

Well, whatever this is supposed to be, it’s coming out on the 15th this month.

Here’s an overview of the starter packs:

Given the recent reception of new GaaS type endeavours, I wish Digital Extremes the best of luck here, but I can’t see this thing taking off. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m jaded. But I wonder who the audience for this is supposed to be, or where they expect to pull players from.

I think if anyone can make it work, they can, given the success of Warframe. I like that you can upgrade at any time during EA. I also like that with the paid season pass towers, you can still collect rewards after the season ends, given I have limited time to play. I’m happy to throw twenty bucks at it to see if I like it enough to want to spend more.

I’ve been watching some video from the final beta and this looks much more like an mmo than I expected. Yes, instances play a major role in the game, but there is an open world component as well. You can be fighting enemies alongside other players just steps away from a town npc. You go out into the open world to gain access to different instances, so the two aspects are tied together, which is pretty neat.

One thing I find rather intriguing: character abilities aren’t tied to their style of weapon. Each character will be introduced with a “signature weapon” designed to work with that character’s skill set, but any character can use that weapon. The build diversity seems fairly limited (though it looks like you can massage stats a fair bit), so I don’t know how effective some combinations will be, but it is cool you can take a sword and shield guy and give them daggers or a rifle, etc.

Each weapon has an ability tied to it, so there could be some interesting synergies there. In a recent stream where they announced the character that will be introduced with season one, Venomess, one of the devs mentioned they enjoy playing her with twin daggers instead of her signature rifle. Meanwhile, I’m curious to try her rifle, which fires in a burst and has the ability to go full Auto and apply poison, with a different character named Silo.

Hey @Razgon who are you going to play first?

Now I’m starting to suspect this isn’t a First Person Shooter after all.

Knowing me, all the possible characters :-D

I am horrible at making that kind of decisions, and I think I don’t really have a good grasp on the options yet.

You have any ideas?

They seem to have cribbed heavily from the Warframe DNA. The question in that case is mostly “which character will you pick first” and “how bad is the grind for the others”.

That said, picks aren’t too appealing. There’s one Tank (with no self heal, it seems), one support Healer, and the rest seems to be DPS. And as opposed to some generic rubbersuit space ninjas with paint options, the distinct characters will likely be an odd sight in the social hubs. Clone hero blues and all, likely made worse by F2P default starter looks for all new players.

Also not a fan of the character designs in general. “We have Overwatch at home” vibe here. It’s not that they’re bad, it’s that their art direction screams “cheap mobile knockoff, make sure we’re not sued”. Senja could easily pass as a Zarya skin.

And since Digital Extremes was gunning for their own fantasy Warframe spinoff, which is still in development, I’m totally baffled why they are cooperating on this.

…I’m doomsaying again, ain’t I? Maybe it’s at least fun to play.

Wingrave has two active abilities and a passive that heal himself.

I’m really hoping I will like Silo, since I like control powers. I’m curious to try him with venomess’ burst rifle. Venomess would probably be my second choice, though I have to admit, I saw some footage of Wingrave wielding a 2H axe and it looked like a lot of fun.

Delayed until the 17th.

I thought the demo was pretty good. I won’t be buying it, though, as none of the avatars look interesting to play. The roster is tiny, and there isn’t enough customisation.