Wayfinder: Joe Madureira art ARPG

Anyone playing this? The closed beta just started

Nope, but I’ve had my eye on it since the Force Gaming preview a few weeks ago. He presents it as Destiny + Warframe mashed up in a fantasy universe. That’s super appealing for me.

This is made by Airship Syndicate. They made Battle Chasers and Ruined King which are great. Apparently they’ve teamed up with the Warframe folks to make this. I’ve loved their games so I’m somewhat optimistic. I’ll have to see what their monetization model is.

There’s initially going to be 6 heroes you can choose to play as. These are gender locked and appearance customization may be therefore limited. Looking forward to finding out more about the game.

So which is it? Is it an arpg or MMORPG?

I still consider the third person combat ARPG

What do you call Destiny 2? It’s that.

Ah, FPS. Got it.

Thanks for sharing this. Warframe was my favorite approach to F2P and I found the system fun and addictive. Hope they can find a similar hook in the ARPG space


The developer considers it an MMO, though it is clear it will make heavy use of instances and generated content. I think Warframe is the correct analogue here, especially since DE is the publisher.

This explains it pretty well. Thread title made me think of Grim Dawn or Torchlight, but the footage looked like a mobile multiplayer game, so I was a bit confused at first.