Wayfinder: Joe Madureira art ARPG

Downloading as we speak, I’ll post my impressions tomorrow. I hope it does scratch my ARPG itch a bit.

Awesome, thank you!

Well…here we go.

This one’s a bit hard to classify. The closest thing gameplay-wise would probably be the old Darksiders games - you run, jump, fight in real-time (but without a pesky stamina bar or being locked into animations for half an eternity), there’s a few special moves (depending on the character picked and the weapon equipped) and occasionally they do have some sort of synergy.

I’ve also barely scratched the surface, being still in what you could call the extended tutorial phase - the game still unlocks features.

I also need to mention that I haven’t played the game back when it was intended to be a MMO-light GaaS. From what I have come to understand, it used to be a fuckton more grindy in regards to weapon and character unlocks and grinding.

So far, I’m merely missing 2 characters, the rest got unlocked through the storyline. Weapons drop as whole things now, and upgrading them upgrades any further drops of the weapon you get as well - they do have levels now, and occasionally you get doubles.
Store cosmetics and similar stuff now drop as loot, so running a dungeon usually gets you some new duds, the occasinal weapon and some home decoration. Items as far as I can tell aren’t randomized - stats are fixed by item, even though there’s quite a few of them.

Personally, I like it - to me, it’s a Darksiders clone with a slightly bigger character roster, nice visuals and plenty of shit to kill and loot. In regards to other people’s opinions, there seem to be 2 camps - those who similarly to me think it’s a neat action game about clobbering things for loot and XP, and the camp that laments that it’s no longer a MMO.

Well, given how grindy it was supposed to be, not to mention the absolute state of the netcode and the MTX store, I consider the current state of the game an improvement by leaps and bounds. You can invite up to 2 friends (there’s this word again…) for coop via Steams social tools.

For the current price, it gets my ringing endorsement. As a GaaS with MTX up the wazoo, I wouldn’t have touched it with a 10-foot-pole.

I can’t say much about the endgame - there’s supposedly a shitton of armor, weapons and cosmetics to unlock, according to Wayfinder Wiki: Game Guide , and it seems it does semi-randomized dungeons with modifiers you can pre-select before entering, which affect the monsters, hazards, and of course the loot. Progression felt rather smooth, nary a grind in sight, and it seems the other characters share XP and inventory with you. You can also switch them on the fly now, as long as you’re out of combat.

I’d rate it as a pleasant surprise. An unexpected one, but not an unwelcome one.

*However, online discussions are a tad bit tainted due to people who sunk large amounts of money into it and now won’t get the special treatment they had hoped for. There’s also a bit of a kerfuffle about what caused it to fail. Servers and monetization were handled by Digital Extremes, who promptly decided to run after the catastrophic start. The sub-par netcode and meh optimizations and bugs, however, are definitely Airship Syndicate’s own. *
It’s hard to say which side screwed up harder, but it’s pretty clear that sub-par performance, excessive grind and greedy monetization during the paid EA phase where all nails in the coffin. The game itself is okay, fun even, but I assume if I had to grind it for hours with little to no progress, my opinion might be utterly different. It’s no Warframe experience, but it seems to have been priced like it, with no way for players to obtain premium currency outside of outright buying it. The last thing would kill even Warframe rather quickly, so I’m boggled why they didn’t copy that bit.

So, 7-8/10 action RPG, nice visuals, decent combat, not a soulslike. I kinda like it and intend to at least finish the story.